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Use That At Hand

  • - each must give an account Itself unto that consciousness within!
  • - (Body - Mind) cleanse same in the light
  • - It is Within that there is the Kingdom of Heaven! The Kingdom of God is without, but is manifested in how it is reacting upon Thee - by the manner in which ye mete to thy associates day by day that concept of that light which rises within!
  • - Not that the light, then, is other than to bring encouragement. - Let us make here a tabernacle. - It is thy body, thy mind, thy soul!
  • - equal with God yet made Himself of No estate that He might enter into the Holy of Holies with thee in thy Own tabernacle!

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  • - This is the manner, then, through prayer, through meditation; not as one shutting himself away from its fellow man - that ye bespeak of the fountains of purposes within thine own heart and soul respecting thy Creator!
  • - But also let the helpful forces be manifested in those states of consciousness that ye may contribute to the activities of every nature that may touch human experience.
  • - He that hath great in knowledge, understanding and experience, of him much is required.
  • - though the entity may find oft that it requires that self turn within, that the consciousness of His Presence abiding may direct.
  • - For in the growth of every force we find the multiple of itself by its activity upon itself constitutes growth; whether this is in the mental self, the spiritual self or the physical world.
  • - Do not become one that asks and does not abide by the answers!
  • - Let thy light shine, then, in dark places.
  • - the greater blessings in harmonious manners
  • - for of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh
  • - Hence use that under thine own hand, in the talents as have been given thee, to become constructive and creative, and active, and vivacious, in the very experience of being brought into being.
  • - Not in long-faced, not in sober speech
  • - Apply self to the place wherein the entity finds the work to do.
  • - those conditions mentally and physically within self, as to cleanse or the make more in accord with that which is the birthright of every physical being to be perfect within itself, through the blood as cleanseth from unrightousness.
  • - Contentment - which is the greatest boon in man's whole experience.
  • - Hence, as there is created that consciousness within self of being whole, or one with that Creative Energy as manifested by Him, through those channels that have been set as the ways, the manners for perfecting of such a consciousness within self.
  • - neither are those given that which they are not able to understand.
  • - (Good and evil) These have been set in very definite lines.
  • - The Spirit of Truth, Life, that came into the world as the Word and was made manifest in flesh and dwelt among men. That Life, that Light, is in all.
  • - for it is in thine own self, in thine own hands, to build upon that to bring those influences for the proper development, the proper building in self, to attain to the at-oneness with the whole.
  • - Do not kick against the pricks.
  • - Use the rod in hand.
  • - Cast It before the Lord and see the glory of same!
  • - the crown of joy, of hope, will come to be thine own in those periods when meditations or when shadows draw in and about the self.
  • - These doubts, these fears that come in thine experience are but thine own conscience - or the mind of thy subconsious self - smiting thee.
  • - I will bring All things to thy memory from the foundation of the world.
  • - see, read, understand - especially the mysteries of Egypt.
  • - He, the Father, He, the Spirit of Truth, will direct thy ways as thou seekest.
  • - 440's work on the etheronic instrument
  • - In the material plane the raising of the mental consciousness to the various spheres of attunement is accomplished only in concentration and in attuning self to those forces as are without.
  • - Each and every soul leaves the body as it rests in sleep.
  • - through the study of such laws and such forces as are manifested through such materials, for the entity should gain that understanding that there is the pattern in the material for all things in the spiritual realm.
  • - there are various stages of unfoldment, of development.
  • - have the answer within self as thou prayest.

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