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Cayce on "Occult and Mystic"

  • 311-1 24. (Q) What is meant by using occult power for material uses?
  • (A) In application of occult as an INFLUENCE one may gain for secular or personal interests, or influence over another's mind or actions.
  • - (Mystic experience) is the awareness of the Oneness.
  • - (The Occult is) use of the mind's powers without respect to purposes.
  • - (Psychic is the preferred term for the Spirit manifesting gifts.)
  • - (The difference between the occult and the spiritual is the persons ideals.)
  • - (The occult forces) have their influence in the affairs of the earth in the little things. These come as revolutions (planets and stars) rather than as revelations. - for the seeds that are sown grow, not as overnight, but first the awakening then the response to those things that make for the breaking up of the cells in the seed, then the first shoot, then the blade, then the full ear. (Bow of Virgo, turning to God, Leo the Sickle, and Spica the ear of corn?)
  • - through self a knowledge of the universe is obtained
  • - (The planet Uranus gives occult powers.)
  • - the study of occult forces and psychic influences would be of a great deal of benefit to the entity in finding the answer to many of those problems and questions that innately and manifestedly are seeking an answer in this experience.
  • - The study of the occult or mystic will bring great harmony.
  • - For the occult Is that channel through which the mysteries, even as depend upon relationships, may be drawn for examples or experiences.
  • - occult forces, or those that pertain to the mental portion of life
  • - Beware of mysticism or formalism.
  • - One well versed, and one innately so, in occult forces especially as has to do with signs, numbers, moons, and phases of occult forces.
  • - (Occult forces) and while they often bring for the entity those of greater blessing, they also bring wonderment and hard things to understand.
  • - (How to occult:) Know self if you would know the occult. If you would know God study 3344 (readings) know the occult, study 3344, and don't pass judgments on others.
  • - ennobling influences in Jupiter
  • - in Venus those that will bring much pleasure
  • - for through such forces much may be gained
  • - Universal Spirit Energy, that Creative Energy called God.
  • - (Atlanteans) sought forms of minerals - and being able to be that the mineral was, hence much more capable - in the psychic or occult force, or power - to classify, or make same in its own classifications.
  • - (Prayer reaches the Throne of Mercy) From itself! Through that of crucifying, nullifying, the carnal mind and opening the mental in such a manner that the Spirit of Truth may flow in its psychic sense, or occult force, into the very being, that you may be one with that from which you came!
  • - (Occult forces as may be manifest in self - through its calling upon, through what? - Christ)
  • - (God took Enoch up to Heaven when he lived in Atlantis.)
  • - (Be close to nature.) Listen at the birds. Watch the blush of the rose. Listen at the life rising in the tree.
  • - that psychic force, that is Life itself, in their respective sphere - that were put for the service of man. (Planets)
  • - Learn thine lesson, O Man, from that about thee!
  • - way the body has handled self as respecting responses to directed forces to and for the body. The lack of stabilization of self prevented the activities from being such as kept in the proper direction.
  • - (Those that have an ideal or "a guiding star" cannot be harmed by Black Magic.)
  • - (Black Magic is) to harken to voices of those that partake of those elemental forces may be directed by that (mind control?)
  • - No greater psychic lived than Jesus of Nazareth.
  • - made what would be called now sorceries or divinations using charm and magic
  • - (Don't mistake these forces as the thing to worship) rather than the spiritual.
  • - (Don't use the spirit for) material purposes.
  • - (Stones) make for variations in the vibrations about the entity.
  • - The very red stones; as of coral, that is rather of the deep sea variety, and when this is worn about the neck, or about the waist - upon the arm - let it rest upon the flesh, for it will bring quiet to the body.
  • - (Let the clothing against the flesh always be blue) especially in the sleeping hours - for it will bring influences as the music that quiets, through the vibrations that are set off by such.
  • - let the numbers as in three, six, and nine ever be the choice - they carry with them their vibration by the natural relative forces to the human emotions.
  • - (If) a soul-body would have understanding, then give that it may have.
  • - For thy soul has been tried as by fire through many of thine experiences in the earth.
  • - keep balance in this material plane through those influences in Uranus and Neptune.
  • - (Uranus and Neptune:) bringing through these elements that - while occult and mysticism may bring strength in the measure where self may apply same.
  • - While the influence of the occult and the mysteries in Nature, in the Universe, in Universal Forces, are wonderful in their magnitude and in those elements that make up material or human experience.
  • - special interest in the occult and the mystic influences, that come in the experience of everyone that seeks through the higher mental attributes of self.
  • - (Avoid) mystic influences like chance, rites, or those of the alchemy activity.
  • - (We are correct about Uranus in its position - as to the planetary position or aspect in souls)
  • - (Uranus) that is the environ in which those periods of very good or very bad may be applied to every vicissitude that may be in human experience!
  • - (Occult influences have a certain manner of taking form:) for they are wavered more by influences that are close to activities hence judged to be exceptional, eccentric, unreal at times - yet very distinct, plain, at others.
  • - entering into the material world from sojourns from the mental world, in the same sphere.
  • - (The figures in Egypt represent symbols, e.g. pyramids) and about those yet to be uncovered, in the city then called Aicerao.
  • - The mystic may be a way, but may lead to contortion of the very ideal itself.
  • - Occult may lead to an awakening, but may be driven by other forces than spiritual.
  • - (Uranus and Neptune "call" us to "touch" and understand the occult and mysteries.) those make for many of the changes in the life.
  • - (The occult experiences) are rather of the independent or individual nature.
  • - Beware of mysteries that may not be practical in material experiences - without abuse.
  • - (Unseen forces are what count, but can never be measured on a meter.)
  • - so may the soul pant for the garden of the spiritual
  • - in accordance with laws of the influences in astrological planes, as well as mental and spiritual influences of its laws.
  • - Occult, rather those that are of the ability of personal application; while the mysteries, the necessity of certain activities or feelings to be aroused before there may be expression.
  • - One than desiring to create about self mysticism, or one not understood by others, yet presenting a bold face and position, and able to establish same in fact or by letter of law.
  • - ennobling influence of religious thought (Jupiter)
  • - weighted with those msytic forces as are found in Neptune and in the occult forces in Uranus.
  • - If there is the attempt to interpret or apply in the physical forces the stronger, it makes for that which becomes strange.
  • - And His Spirit will bear witness with thy spirit whether ye be in that realm where the material, the mental or the spiritual application may be made of that Thou experienceth in the mysteries of thine inner self.
  • - (Mystic) influences make for an interest, also very tempermental conditions.
  • - From Uranus we have the influences towards the occult, or the mystic, or psychic forces, and these abilities are to be reckoned with, within the experience, - for these take hold upon the Souls, and direct the spirit of individuals. (Impel)
  • - adverse influence in Mars
  • - About waters, over waters, will the entity find those influences of the greater nature - as making for self an accomplished body. (Arts)
  • - warnings in Saturn's influence - make for the greater interest in those things that bespeak of the psychic forces.
  • - a mind being opened to the influences of a self first in accord with spiritual truths - that they may manifest through.
  • - mystic is as the spirit or the activity, while the psychic is the soul, the occult is the mind.
  • - The occult is phenomena, or phenomenon.
  • - (The psychic is) of the soul - or that through which all must be taken.
  • - The body is the temple of the living God. The mind is the active force. The soul is that which may make for the connection.
  • - Mercury - making for the high mental ability
  • - (Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn are ruling influences of the occult and mystic forces.)
  • - Unseen influences are greater than the seen!
  • - Beware rather of the occult alone, or the mystic alone.
  • - what is revealed is thine, to retain, to give to thy children, thy friends
  • - mysteries of the races
  • - Mysteries of numbers, races, places, shrines, stones, temples
  • - the understanding of the magic or mysterious forces, especially as applied to the influences other peoples, and in the applications of same - whether as to song, music, or of precious stones - even these that have to do with the odors
  • - criterion for the development is made as the ideal
  • - (Holding the ideal, one can have what is desired.)
  • - for poetry, is only the mystic influence of the mental forces of a body.
  • - for it is of each to gain, attain, an understanding through which each experience must pass
  • - (Cancer and Capricorn are powerless alone) yet under Venus with same, those inductive influences of various forms of music, chance, odors and Visions.
  • - for the influences held by those who concentrate in the silence and in the mental immaginative forces - these, guided by a stabilized ideal, may be made most helpful.
  • - not clothed, to be sure, in any form of censure
  • - (Each form has its place.) Discern well
  • - (Neptune makes manifest) the forces or powers of the earthly mother - water. - know their import
  • - (Warning - Uranus and Mercury have "periods of developments.") rather as of rests or of a digesting of that as has been experienced.
  • - (We must get to the vale of the brain.)
  • - Knowledge of Self must come first!
  • - (Mystical pertains) to symbols or signs.
  • - These would be well to be weighted in the balance
  • - use of charms, of those elements which may affect the sensitiveness of an individual
  • - Let thine eye be single.
  • - vehicles, or channels, or glands through which man has lost its vision. - or the ability of seeing the self-expression in same in the pituitary forces.
  • - as in the lyden and the others - we find expressions in various forms of the body.
  • - that which connects the pineal, the pituitary, the lyden, may be truly called the "silver cord". - The Golden Cup
  • - (The body is completely renewed every seven years.)
  • - (Our light is fed with spiritual food and is) in the darkest corner.
  • - (Lyden or Leydig)
  • - For all of God that any individual may know is already within self.
  • 10. Mystic forces, occult influences, as are seen in the distance for the entity, may be made to become steppingstones for higher influences, or may smut and smudge the entity's abilities to such an extent as to become contemptible - even to the entity's experience.
  • Delve not too much into same, save by a personal application of each lesson as may be gained in the study of same, in the contemplation of the experiences of the entity, either as personal or as viewed from close or afar; but DO NOT attempt to gain too BROAD a view that is not to self workable step by step.
  • This is in accordance with laws of the influences in ASTROLOGICAL plans, as well as mental and spiritual laws.
  • 11. In those forces as are seen from experiences in the earth's plane

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