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Cayce on the No Fuel Motor ~ 2b!

Psychic Readings of Edgar Cayce

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No Fuel Motor ~ Perpetual Motion Machine 2b

READING 195-63

this 11th day of June, 1929

1. GC: You will have before you the body and the enquiring mind of [195], also the meeting held this morning June 11, 1929 in the office of [[900] and [137]] Brothers, ... New York City and you will answer the questions I shall ask you concerning the actions the body should take regarding the motor the body is constructing.
2. EC: We have the body, the enquiring mind, [195]. This we have had before. Those conditions as resulted from the meeting this morning should not worry the body nor make it afraid, for well that the body gain that understanding, also that what is thine own may not be taken from self without the voluntary volition of self. That [which] there may be seem to be taken is not thine own. The conditions to be met then are to choose one with the ability and whom is also trustworthy and to proceed in the manner as has been outlined.
3. (Q) Since it doesn't seem feasible to work with Ball [Henry Rice BELL? See 4665-3, Par. 3-A] in getting patent, would it be well to approach Glen Smith whose office is in ..., Ohio regards same? Could Smith be trusted in the matter, and will he be able to put the law that governs the operation of the motor, as has been written by [195] in legal words as to be acceptable to the authorities in charge of the patent office in Washington, D.C.?
(A) As given, such an one should be approached and [as we find] Glen Smith is trustworthy and one of ability in understanding [and whom we] would find capable. Well that the body be taken into confidence [as to] the plans drawn as are necessary but the application [is to be made] and notification that same is to be applied for in the [manner outlined] yet the machine be made to run before it, the application, is fully completed. Smith will understand just what this means.
4. We are through for the present.


  • 1. GC: You will have before you [195], present in this room, and the drawing of end view of proposed motor showing the centers of the inner ring and both the inner pinion and the outer pinion. The present model at ... St., Dayton, O., has gears on revolving drum slightly warped, as well as having the drum ends also warped, due to having rebuilt on various occasions. It has been deemed advisable to build a new motor similar to drawing held in hand of [195]. You will answer the questions as we ask them:
  • 2. EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, [195] - this we have had before. Also the drawing, also the motor model. No reason why this motor doesn't work, [195]! but with the constructions as are seen here on the drawing, the increasing of the size of the pinion gear with those changes as have come in your mind, through the action of conditions as hindered in the passing of the gear about the [drum?], and this, as stands, should work perfectly, and will, if this will be modeled after the idea as presented here. Wilbur Wright. [Spirit communication? Mr. [195] had known Wilbur Wright when he was alive.]
  • 3. Now as for conditions - Ready for questions.
  • 4. (Q) With A as the center of pinion driven by the revolving drum, O the center of end of revolving drum in running position, and B center pinion shaft, running on ring gear at end of revolving drum, with contact at M - We have made radius B M same as radius of driving gear on outside of revolving drum. This is to balance leverage. Is this correct?
  • (A) This is correct. Do not change from this in this style motor, for this will allow for the escapement in the revolving of the drum to have sufficient activity without binding on the upward turn.
  • 5. (Q) Would this side inner pinion tend to bind at M on uplifting of revolving drum and not feed through?
  • (A) Now this [was] just given! This will allow to feed through WITHOUT binding, see?
  • 6. (Q) Is B the approximate location for center of internal pinion?
  • (A) B is approximate location. In fact, IS location in the present model.
  • 7. (Q) The angles are to be made as [Word or words missing on original reading] the other drawing.
  • (A) Correct!
  • 8. (Q) The angle at B to be [Word or words missing on original reading] greater than that at O -
  • (A) Correct.
  • 9. (Q) With the larger radius at M from center B there will be less tendency for the angle of B to change when loosening up the mesh of the gears. Is this correct?
  • (A) This is correct. That's just why the changing in the pull upward will allow for it, as has been described in the position and condition as we had in that former condition of where it bound in its second position, or on the uplift, see?
  • 10. (Q) As we understand it, gears should mesh just firmly enough so that the rotation be easily but mesh tight enough so that the vibrations would not be lost. Is this correct?
  • (A) That correct, and here we have the mesh in such a manner that in its turn we find each are acting in their proper coordination one with another, in its turn, see?
  • 11. (Q) In the tank of the new motor the tank is made in two exact halves. This will permit the using of the larger inner pinions and the changing of the angles if necessary?
  • (A) Correct.
  • 12. (Q) Are there any further recommendations?
  • (A) No further recommendations here at present. Remember this, [195]! Call on Wilbur! [Wilbur Wright] HE will answer!
  • 13. (Q) If properly built revolving tank cannot rise higher than running position?
  • (A) Cannot rise higher than RUNNING position.
  • 14. (Q) Is size pinion A correct or could it be made slightly smaller?
  • (A) Very slightly, if any smaller, preferably in this same ratio as has been outlined you as indicated.
  • 15. That is all the questions.
  • 16. See, there's another difference, [195], with this in this size, in the number or the angles as are gained by its rotation in THIS size of pinion, rather than that of a smaller or too much larger, see?
  • 17. (Q) Should it be a little bigger?
  • (A) No bigger! THIS size! Rather interesting! We are through with this reading.

    READING 195-68

    this 13th day of January, 1930

    1. GC: You will have before you the bodies and enquiring minds of Mrs. [3734] and Mr. [195], the introspective experiences coming to each concerning the motor; also the motor and drawing of same at ... Ohio. You will interpret the introspective experiences as given below, and answer questions I may ask concerning same, as well as concerning motor.
    2. EC: Yes - quite a large order in one, though.
    3. Yes, we have the enquiring mind [195], also [3734], and the motor and the drawing of motor. A portion of these we have had before. There should NOT be the confusion in that of the introspective experience of each. While these experiences are of the same condition, and approaching the one point from a different angle, they also present the mental application of the individual through which each are presented. Ready for experience.
    4. (Q) Introspective experience Mrs. [3734]: Saw a nun who said, "[3734], Say Perpetual". After saying this, nun said, "Look". On looking saw motor turning over - then heard voice say, "He of the mechanical mind - you of the faith". "It is my will", said the Lord. Then saw myself with valise going to train. After this saw husband with valise. Thought came to me, who should go. Answer came to me, ask Cayce. [GD's note: Mrs. [3734] was a devout Catholic.]
    (A) In this experience we find the subconscious forces of the entity attuned to conditions surrounding self through its own faith, and THIS the interpretation as we see of this: The nun representing to the entity a definite character of faith, which requires an action on the part of individuals; yet, kept within and not boasted of. LIVED experiences, rather than spoken of, as SHOULD be EVERY effort of the entity. He of the mechanical mind representing that source through whom the experience has come as relating to that one to whom the applications are to be made through - see? Then, from Clinton [DeWitt Clinton deceased - See 4665-9, etc.] to [4666], to [195] - and in that seen, that each - as seen - travelling - should travel to this place, that the experiences as may be had by each, in and about the attempted development of the mechanical appliance, may give that as is to be perpetual in its activity, and as the faith is of the nature that induces those surroundings necessary for this development, so may THIS come about, in its application. Then, TRAVEL TO that place, to see.
    In that experience as is seen by [195] (not related here), there is seen one bending over the motor and examining and pointing out those conditions that have BAFFLED, through the endeavors OF the body [195], to bring about that motion as is desired. The present status of motor will need some changes, even as has been pointed out to the entity through other sources, that have given the intimation; yet, as has NOT been SEEN or gathered in a concrete form by [195].
    The motor, as we find, in its present status, does DEMONSTRATE - but does not OPERATE to the satisfaction of those seeking to establish this law of the relativity of forces as related to the gravitation and its expansion. In the material change, as we will find, the balances are near correct - save in that the inside cog must be made in a nearer proportion TO that of the idler, and that there may be almost the SEALED forces between the chambers THROUGH WHICH [there is] the activity of the various elements, or the two elements proper. The forming of the second - in the activity of the oil (castor) and of the quicksilver (the FOUNDATION of MOST metals), or that at a VIBRATION that is active with motion and with the expansions as come WITH motion - but when these changes are made, and the minor details as to the position relatively of the various conditions in the outside, these SHOULD operate - as has been given it would. Follow those suggestions as will be made in the trip as will be made by these two. In the experience there will be as WIDE a variation as there is existent in the PRESENT state as exists and that as was FIRST contemplated in the FLOATING bar; but in the combination as will be gained by these experiences, MUCH will be gained, to the consciousness of [195], towards accomplishing that as desired. Ready for questions.
    5. (Q) Are the outside gears cut in proper ratio?
    (A) Cut in proper ratio for the present machine! and in proper ratio to change as will be made on inside.
    6. (Q) Is there any leakage between the adjoining parts on inside of large wheel?
    (A) If there hadn't been leakage, there would not have been given that this be nearer sealed!
    7. (Q) Will motor run as now made -
    (A) It's just been given that the sizes must be changed for the ACTIVITY to take place! As to the varied conditions as to arise, this has been given - there will be, as we find, another built - and STILL ANOTHER built - before that perfect accomplishment as is desired. Yet these are the DEVELOPMENTS NECESSARY for the UNDERSTANDING and the ACCOMPLISHING of that as desired. Give [195] this: DO NOT overtax self, but study - and DO NOT be too quick in APPLYING the various changes and then STOPPING so sudden. But take care of the mental and physical body, for with the completion and accomplishing of this task - the TASK is only half begun! We are through for the present.

    READING 195-69

    this 23rd day of March, 1930

    1. [195]: You will have before you the body and enquiring mind of [195], present in this room, and that application of motive element of law of relativity of force in form of machine in basement of ... Dayton, Ohio. There comes to the consciousness of [195] the many ways to correct the motor such that it may function sufficient to prove law and secure patent. You will give that information as to the simplest form of correction of the present model - the center of driving wheel as now set up falls below that level in which it is to be held to properly continue its vibratory functioning. Center marked as A in drawing in [195]'s hand. You will give such information as requested and answer questions I may ask.
    2. EC: We have the body, the enquiring mind, [195] - this we have had before. Also those conditions as are seen as present themselves to the mind as regarding the motive forces as may be manifest. In that presented, again we see that position of A represented by that force necessary in the angle as necessary to make same conform to those rotations as come with the forces as apply in the circle about the force or drum, see? In this there is that way the easier in making for same sufficient of the carrier to bring with the change or alternation as is seen here, to equalize same in bringing it to that of the proper degree in change. See? This change, then, will bring about the proper ratio of relations in the centrifugal force as will be manifested WITH that of the UNIVERSAL forces in their expansion. Ready for questions.
    3. (Q) The meshing of gears from C to A is not tight enough, and by raising C a fraction of inch, this will mesh correctly?
    (A) That's correct. Because, you see, we bring then the ratio, here, of the force from the central force here, or line A, TO the mesh, so that its activity becomes CENTRIFUGAL in its action, see?
    4. (Q) Will this overcome the Center A dropping below its correct position?
    (A) This will correct this condition in the position A, for it brings same up by its OWN centrifugal force!
    5. (Q) A - the wheel is so very heavy now, it tends to drop below the correct position.
    (A) But by bringing up of the mesh we have the attraction, see, that RAISES same! In its action, you see, as that starts here, then this RAISES it, see, by its own action!
    6. (Q) We have decided it that way now, and we also had a consciousness of putting another gear on the other side that would hold it in position.
    (A) Not NECESSARY, you see. Only would be the safety in same after the starting of it, to have the gears on the other side to hold in position.
    7. (Q) In other words, we would only have -
    (A) Only get it in its correct position, which will bring it up in its circle, you see.
    8. (Q) To hold center in position?
    (A) To hold center in its center position.
    9. (Q) Then have an operating model?
    (A) Then have an operating model. Now, in its SAFETY, there may be placed on the OPPOSITE side, you see that's in the LARGER machines - may be placed on the opposite side as a balance wheel. THIS will necessarily the mesh will be made so it may take UP slack, see? and not come so close as may be on this side.
    10. (Q) Opposite side and with the same ratio?
    (A) Opposite side and with the same ratio.
    11. (Q) It was given from here that [195] should study a vibratory book. This does not appear in publishers' list. Can a better listing of this book be given?
    (A) As we find, published by Henry Holt. [10/26/29 See 900-458, Par. 5-A--7-A expanding on this.]
    12. (Q) Is it s late edition?
    (A) It's an old one!
    13. (Q) Old edition?
    (A) Old edition.
    14. (Q) Henry Holt of this country or England?
    (A) In England.
    15. (Q) What other suggestions are offered that the application of motor laws may be accomplished?
    (A) This, as we find - that this carried out in this manner, will be all that will be necessary to have a complete working model. In the larger patterns, as seen this other change may be made, see? but in the WORKING model, this will operate. DO that.
    16. That is all the questions.
    17. We are through for the present.

    READING 195-70

    this 9th day of May, 1930

    1. GC: You will have before you the body and enquiring mind of [195], of ..., Ohio, and the article Positive and Negative Force that I hold in my hand. You will answer the questions I may ask concerning statements made in the context, as I read them, and make suggestions for the bettering of the article.
    2. EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, [195], and the article as written by this body as regards Positive and Negative Force. In making suggestions for the better presentation of such data in such an article, this should be kept in mind - that these may be made either in answer TO that written or in keeping WITH that written; or, to put in DIFFERENT words, may be answered in a positive or a negative manner, even as the article; or it may be given as in keeping with, and presenting in, a different angle. Ready for questions.
    3. (Q) Page 2 - lines 9 to 12. ["The positive may be considered as the active forces in their activity and the negative as those tending to keep the balance."] Please expand on this and give better explanation of Positive and Negative Force.
    (A) This [is] as GOOD an explanation as may be given, other than illustrating same; for it IS a positive or a PLAIN STATEMENT as to the conditions as regarding relativity of force; for POSITIVE is the active and negative is passive, as illustrated by the article in its various phases. The statement we would NOT expand upon in THIS instance, for it (the statement) must react with the individual DEVELOPMENT of each individual who takes the time to become positive OR negative to the statement, and as one responds to same may the activity of the statement be seen.
    4. (Q) Page 3 - lines 1 to 8 - ["Consider Gravity - This applies right here, there and everywhere. This, too, may be considered a negative force, for it tends to balance the positive forces. Gravitational forces are vibratory forces and might be defined as the centralization of vibratory forces ready to change into power by non-activity."] Is gravity a negative force? How could this be better explained here?
    (A) Gravity in this SENSE - as explained in that, in the activity that becomes passive in its force - gravity becomes the negative force, see? even as is illustrated. Better illustration may be had in that of the Radio-Active Appliance, as [to] how one becomes positive, the other negative, dependent upon which way the cycle begins by the change in the active force by which one is applied to a body in the first place, see?
    5. (Q) Page 3 - lines 16 to 24 - ["With the assumption that their radial forces are thrown off this planet at or near Cancer and Capricorn, then it were possible when the vibrations of sun's rays at a certain deflection on passing through these emanating radial vibrations to set up a partial vacuum, thereby causing winds."] Is this correct?
    (A) This correct.
    6. (Q) Page 4 - lines 6 to 13 - ["The one substance vibrates in different dynamic degrees, and sound, heat, light, electricity, are the effections of the one substance by specific degrees of the One Energy, and there is no difference between anything such as electricity and, say iron, save in rate of effection."] Is this correctly stated?
    (A) Correctly stated.
    7. (Q) Page 5 - lines 5 to 20 - ["The heart in the human body may be compared to the sun of a solar system. Then by analogy the sun is the center of forces of the solar system. Similarly to the blood flowing from the heart through the arterial system, Force emerges from the sun drawn to the opposite polarity of the planets and in this outgoing flow it would be possible to develop magnetism, electricity, light, color, heat, sound, and lastly matter, in the order of lessening dynamic degrees of vibration. Matter then would be the offspring of energy and not the parent, as is often thought."] Is this correctly stated?
    (A) Correctly stated, and just what happens in the human organism.
    8. (Q) Page 5 - lines 21 to 25 - ["It is more than probable that at the sun's surface there are many higher degrees of vibrations than are known or understood on this planet."] Is this correct?
    (A) Correct.
    9. (Q) Page 5 - lines 27 to 31 - ["When this force, decreasing in vibrations to light and light waves, enter spectroscope, they will emerge as colors. Evidence of flames and metals on fire on sun and stars is in all probability due to etheric vibrations being broken into color by formation of natural spectroscope at the sun or satellite under observation."] Is this correct?
    (A) This correct.
    10. (Q) Page 6 - lines 3 and 4 - ["As given above these radial emanations are negative forces."] Are radial forces negative forces?
    (A) Not always are radial forces negative forces. Only when they become passive, or of being acted upon as gravitation, do they become negative forces - while they are emanating from the positive; else they would not be drawn to the earth's force, in ITS emanation with the positive rays - and they are positive rays. From the sun's emanation does it produce the heat, see? This is seen in a BETTER application, in that the deflection from - and the direct rays OF - the sun's emanation TO the earth, THROUGH the various stages of its activity, brings summer, or the heat wave, or the moving OF the various forms; for these acting UPON - become negative, and then are POSITIVE in their action, though at times these, to be sure, become negative in their action; for each has its radial activity and is throwing OFF, as well as drawing TO. Hence the various positions or conditions as is seen in sun, through the activity of the various forms of gas or metal, or those various conditions that seem to cause the various eruptions as apparent within the sun itself. It receives as well as throws off, is positive as well as negative see? and only until it becomes in such a force that it is altogether negative, as the gravitation that holds in place - for when each are lost in their relative position, these then are thrown off, as was the moon from the earth, or as is the various satellites of the various planets, as WELL as the various effects out in space.
    11. (Q) Page 6 - lines 15 to 18 - ["Therefore, there could be in the solar system a dynamic reservoir or solar storage battery that would correspond to the lungs of a human system."] Is there a solar power reservoir corresponding to lungs of a human system?
    (A) Solar power corresponding.
    12. (Q) Page 7 - lines 16 to 20 - ["Ether may be defined as the combination of a higher plane, leading us to metaphysics, to where every consideration of the atom finally leads one."] Is this statement concerning ether correct? Will you please give a better definition?
    (A) There's no BETTER definition! This is correct for, same as the statement of positive and negative forces as relating to gravitation, they act upon the individual's DEVELOPMENT, or individual's application of thought as applied TO metaphysical condition or position as is occupied from within itself. Hence, as is seen, there are (This may be an illustration for this same condition) certain CHARACTERS of disease that accentuate mental forces, or the metaphysical activity of a human body. There are others that so DULL the senses as that they become onesided, or only passive, no positive; yet a NORMAL, perfectly well and normal mind may be so active as to be considered by others in its activity as of being unbalanced, but only are they considered PECULIAR.
    13. (Q) Page 8 - lines 1 to 15 - ["A mechanical device might be constructed where a vacuum even excluding ether could be drawn and maintained, developing thereby a levitating force; this similar to that force which exerts pressure upward when air is pumped into a steel barrel while submerged below surface of a medium such as water. This levitating force will be utilized in many ways, particularly in so called heavier than air ships, with the result that air navigation will be possible without the use of wings or gas."] Is this correct?
    (A) This correct when the elements must be made so condensed in their form as to prevent the ether in its finer sense from being, or escaping through the various elements that are ordinarily used for creating of such vacuums. [195] will understand that! You don't get it, but [195] will! That is, the container - you can get it here - a container in which a vacuum may be made must be of such a CONDENSED element as to prevent ether from going through the atomic forces of the element itself, as is seen in that of an electric bulb - this is NOT a vacuum, only a portion! To the finite mind this is CONSIDERED as such, but were the same character - or these same conditions produced in a DIFFERENT way - THEN these may be made to BECOME an element that would act in that way and manner, see? As is seen at present, helium becomes the greater usage in containers that may be made; yet these THEMSELVES (This is working from the opposite side, see?) - but were those gases, or those metals used that the supply of helium itself becomes the container FOR the vacuum itself. see? this condensed, see? into a metal form, THEN the vacuum may be made that would lift without being lifted, see?
    14. (Q) Page 9 - lines 12 to 16 - ["Pressure of metals on earth could possibly be accounted for by the breaking up of solar rays through formation of national spectroscopes during formation era of the planet earth."] Is this correct?
    (A) This [is a] very good expression of that. Very good, and very well stated - that it may be possible, for it IS very well stated.
    15. (Q) Give suggestion as to how to improve on the article and how to better explain positive and negative aspects of force?
    (A) This as is given is VERY WELL presented, and with the various comments as will come FROM such presentation, these will develop for the body-mind that necessary. Begin with that as is expressed here.
    16. (Q) With motor as now laid out, embodying new leverages and gears with same pitch, will this work as designed?
    (A) When balanced properly, it will work.
    17. (Q) What argument would be most conclusive to prove that sun is not hot at surface?
    (A) The breaking up of the rays, just as has been described, in that it takes BACK as well as gives off, being both positive and negative.
    18. (Q) What could be given as cause for appearance of corona of sun?
    (A) Just as has been explained, in that the forces as are thrown off by the various activities of the forces in all - that is, the planets, the stars, and those about it that are thrown off from same in their active principle, as draws to and throws off at the same time - these may be seen as the forces which produce or cause the various effects as seen.
    19. (Q) What could be given as cause for appearance of solar flames and metal coloring in these so called solar flames?
    (A) THIS is as has been given.
    20. We are through for the present.

  • 3744-1 Moderation is as we have given. The pivot, as it were, of all force, strength or weakness, high or low, no excess in any direction good for any force.

    End of Part 2b!

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