Cayce on the No Fuel Motor ~ 2!

Psychic Readings of Edgar Cayce

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No Fuel Motor ~ Perpetual Motion Machine 2

READING 195-54 M 45

Realtor, Mfgr. of Auto Accessories)

this 13th day of January, 1929

1. GC: You will have before you the body and enquiring mind of [195], present in this room. You will have the statement of law of relativity, also the explanation of the theory and its application as applied to [4666] Motor; also a copy of reading given by Edgar Cayce concerning [4666] Motor, [given September 24, 1928, 4665-13], all of which entity holds in his hand. You will answer the questions I will ask relative to law of relativity of force, its application, the interpretation of reading 4665-13 and the application of law on [4666] Motor.
2. EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, [195] - this we have had before. Also there have been various phases of the law of relativity of force touched upon in various experiences, as have been presented.
There are MANY varied conditions as are acted upon by this law that are perceptible to man's experience, yet have so far been little understood. The greater field as seen, so far, has been in that of chemical reaction, as has been studied by many. In some of the various theories, in some of the more closely allied manifestations, some have ferreted out the various forms in certain fields as appear in their experience; yet without understanding just what has taken place.
3. Now, with this dissertation in the beginning, as is seen, where the vibratory force - or the vibratory THEORY - is correlated WITH that of the various forms, then we begin to understand what is meant by relativity of force - or as will be seen in the various demonstrations of that that may be put into activity THROUGH this relativity of force - there will be the necessity of coining other words, as it were, to express just what is meant; for one may say relativity of force and it covers a multitude of sins, ideas, or of actual FORCE IN ACTION!
One may say gravity - and who understands just what is meant? It, the gravity, relative in its force to that of the combination of forces with THEIR relative forces, see? Ready for questions. This is a great subject - we may enter in here from a various phase, and we will present in this - as has been seen here - near the correct IDEAS of that that is being questioned; for almost in toto the body [195] at times UNDERSTANDS - but he becomes so enveloped with it when he does, that he doesn't know how to put it in action, see?
4. (Q) Page 1, lines 1 to 5, would not each force be in a relativity to space also? Word the statement.
(A) Each force, each vibration, in its relative position to that of space, or time, as is necessary in the ACTIVITY of the generated force.
5. (Q) Can you give a short statement of general law of relativity of force?
(A) This may be better MANIFESTED than STATED.
6. (Q) Page 1, lines 16 to 28, is statement as to resultant vibrations, also as to evolution, correct?
(A) As far as the THEORY, or as far as the actual fact of VIBRATORY force and evolution, CORRECT. As for application into mechanical forces, not WHOLLY correct - but these become a portion OF the same in activity. Now we find here, see [195] - this: The thing may be one thing standing still and an entirely different thing in vibratory forces in motion, see?
7. (Q) Are there any suggestions here?
(A) That just why, as has been stated, this may be demonstrated better than stated - yet when demonstrated there may be coined words necessary to mean just what is attempted to be EXPRESSED. For you see, that in common usage - Force, Vibration, Gravitation, Centralization, Centrifugal Force, Vibratory Force, Perpendicular, Angular, or in the various phases or forces - these merely present to the idea of the individual of certain positions, when relativity takes them ALL, see?
8. (Q) Page 1-A, is this theory correct?
(A) Correct.
9. (Q) Page 2, is statement correct in lines 16, 17, 18?
(A) Statements are in keeping with that just as has been given. Now UNDERSTAND the variation in that, and you have it stated correct?
10. (Q) Page 3, line 21, everything is vibratory - is -
(A) Absolutely correct! 11. (Q) Page 5, table of vibration - these are considered negative vibrations. What are positive vibrations? How would they be explained?
(A) How would one explain the differentiation between time in night and in day? How would one explain the differentiation in the activity of forces when there is a vibratory force set in a cellular force, and one is set in an oval or oblong force - which perpetrates, or penetrates, that force which produces or generates force as in its activity. In a negative force, as is seen in what has ordinarily or commonly in alchemy been called nightside. That as is of positive force is that as of the active force in its action, see? Now we have this demonstrated here in motor - here, with motor: In the various turns of the cams about the central portion of the drum, see? we have, when these in their turn are in opposition a negative force, see? NOW, when they begin - by their turning over to become in a positive act - then you see the difference in them. Hence that as has been said as respecting the small end or the large end being in the radial force of that necessary to produce a positive, or an ACTIVE rather than a negative - for if the negative becomes as powerful as the activity of the force in the positive, then we only begin and soon run down. Where does the difference in this, as from that as has been seen in ordinary balance, then begin? A balance is a negative force - as you would see from a scale - weigh so much - balance, see? Now in this we have the activity of gravitation, added to that force which keeps this in action, see? This constant action of gravitation, which is a portion OF the force as of universal forces, which keeps all in its balance. See, it applies not only as right here - it applies right there, EVERYWHERE - in space, out of space, carries through in every form. What's the differentiation in the various forms? on which we could give a dissertation - But in the activity of this presented, as applied to that being brought by the gravitation, as indicated in this and the understanding its action - Water and air are necessary in a material demonstration, see? for they are in all, of all, and through all.
12. (Q) Page 6, line 1 to 5, is statement therein correct?
(A) That's stated correct.
13. (Q) Page 6, lines 8 to 9, what are the various elements going to make up the force as applicable to elements in any generated force?
(A) Elements of the active principle in that called NOW generated energy, or the breaking of the vibratory unit to begin its expansion in force. As is in gravitation. In gravitation - COMMONLY known - is that everything sinks to a common center, or is DRAWN to a common center; while that as is expanded is the positive energy in opposite relation to that force drawing. One goes up, the other we say goes down - as you would commonly express it. This is a very crude way, to say one goes up and one goes down - because it continues a circular motion in its activity, in this force.
14. (Q) Page 9, line 1 to 18, the nail test - is this a good parallel example of working of sympathetic vibration in connection with increased gravitational forces?
(A) Absolute! In its form we find here we get just as much variation, if you will change the number of the vibratory rate of that expansion used in the striking in nail.
15. (Q) In Reading 4665-13, Par. 7-A, lines 15 to 18, would force of gravity be considered to have elements in octave of density, and these in relativity to same forces of the object in question?
(A) That's the explanation! That is, now you have the correct line, see, as to how the octave of forces - Now let this apply not only to what is COMMONLY considered as octave (meaning vibration thrown off as a sound), but as an octave or a vibration as would be set in motion by this very activity OF the gravitation in its activity - as pushes up as well as pushes down. Not until you have overcome gravitation. Now you are beginning to understand the law of gravitation. So as the raising power, there must be the opposite power, see? We say everything goes up is bound to come down. When we begin to understand these, then we begin to see how the vibratory force is the active principle all radiates from. What is gravitation? The centralization of vibratory force, ready to be changed in power by non-activity, see?
16. (Q) In Reading 4665-13, Par. 7-A, lines 30 to 36, explain what is meant by smaller and larger radial centers. Are not these centers concentric?
(A) Concentric - but that as has just been explained in giving that force that produces, then, in this radial activity about this common center, the variation in the smaller end and the larger end, see? Now it's understood!
17. (Q) In Reading 4665-13, [last sentence of Par. 7-A], spell syncopathic.
(A) S-y-n-c-o-p-a-t-h-i-c-a-l. [Syncopatical]
18. (Q) In this, is it meant harmonious vibration?
(A) Harmonious vibration. Harmonious doesn't exactly express what is meant; just as the harmony would carry the idea of a continued atonement - a tone - a center - a radial - while syncopathically [syncopatically] a continuation OF same in the gradual rise and fall, or certain in its cor-relation, as seen - see?
19. (Q) In Reading 4665-13, Par. 9-A, word given syncothetic - spell that word.
(A) S-y-n-c-o-t-h-e-t-i-c. The variation in syncopathic [syncopatic] and that of syncothetic [synchronous?] is as the relation of the force as of a point would be to its radial center.
20. (Q) The cam and lead assembled of [4666] Motor is finished, at [195]'s home ... Ohio. Will this work as now is?
(A) With the activity of the force as has been seen here, and put in action with same, it WILL work.
21. (Q) Will sprangle wheels as now made at Brinkman Engineering Company in Dayton, work?
(A) There's got to be smoothing off done in some of these as yet, for these to work properly - especially in the slots and in the ends where as they vibrate in their up and down motion without losing that syncopathic [syncopatic] central syncothetic [synchronous?] action, see? We are through.

READING 195-56 M 45

this 7th day of March, 1929

1. [900]: Now you will have before you the body of [195] ..., Ohio, and the machine that this body is building, and that is now in process of construction. You will answer the questions I ask you, that this individual has to ask, regarding construction of this machine.
2. EC: We have the body, the enquiring mind, [195] - also the machine, or machines, nearing completion, as being constructed by this body. These we have had before. The nearing of the completion is near satisfactory, and with the completing of the milling of parts necessary will enable the body to construct the machine that will use the forces and elements in universal force to drive mechanical appliances. This, then, needs only the completion of these parts and the proper assembling of same, guarding well this assembling and the first private or own demonstration of this force loosened into activity. Then proceed with the outline as has been given for the completing of protection as respecting same, through the channels that are necessary for such protection. These will not be hard to obtain. Only the real activity will be in keeping this from becoming public property before same is completed. Yes, well that men high in position be taken into confidence to a certain point. Demonstrations even may be given of the working model, but not demonstrations of the simplicity to which the attraction of atomic force created in the active principles that are impelling, given TO these same higher-up's - for too often this defeats the real purpose for which this is created. Be rather mindful that the purpose in self's giving the active principle and the understanding of the laws as are made to accord WITH principle in SELF and self's application to the use to which such place, position, power, money, is given and used. Ready for questions.
3. (Q) It would not be well then to let the men higher up understand the actual construction of the machine to the extent where they could duplicate it quickly?
(A) It would not.
4. (Q) Let them see it run, but not its integral parts put together?
(A) Only as necessary to obtain the original patents. As is understood by the body, only those of the original or basic patents may be obtained on original ideas, and not on a process of that already in use. Then when basic patents are involved there is the much longer, much more questioning as to what is the principle of motivity and construction on such a machine. The actual operation of same shall be the basis for the basic patents, see? for these, as understood by [195], are in their first element even contradictory to many of the ENGINEERING laws, yet are co-incident with many of chemical vibratory laws not perfectly, or even partially, by but few, understood.
5. (Q) The following is wording of patent application as written by [195] -
(A) [Interrupting] Which is in accord for that of MOTIVE operation and construction, and only a few variations in phrasing will be the whole of that necessary to present for these have been given attention, thought, not by one but by many, that would give not only to one phase of constructive understanding but of that as will furnish the more of that unused energy that has so long gone as waste.
6. (Q) Give exact wording of an improved or better claim, or claims, for a basic patent.
(A) There are no better, save in the phrasing of one or two points which are seen in the first and in the third paragraph of same. These should only be changed to the legal phrasing as will be necessary on basic claim.
7. (Q) It is necessary then to present for patent application the whole of that written in that I now hold in my left hand, rather than just this one paragraph, in a motor the means of generating power, etc. -
(A) That as held in the left hand.
8. (Q) Would Ball [Henry Rice Bell? See 4665-3, Par. 3-A.] be the one to present this as written to for changes in the first and third paragraph?
(A) Ball - yes, Ball.
9. (Q) It is safe to let Ball see the motor run and read this application as now written -
(A) Safe - sane - and necessary.
10. (Q) In the revolving drum motor now nearing completion, along with the sprangle [See definition of "sprangle", 195-51, Par. R1.] wheel motor, is the cylinder race cut in grain wheels on drum too far from the center of the wheels?
(A) No.
11. (Q) It will work, then, in its present position?
(A) Will work.
12. (Q) Using letter to politicians in Washington now in my possession, how soon after demonstrating motor could patent be obtained?
(A) Two to seven weeks.
13. (Q) It would be well to use this letter, then?
(A) Well to use the letter.
14. (Q) Concerning the expansion of vibrations in active principle of motive force in motor, is this a 4th dimensional phenomena, as per statement written and held in my left hand?
(A) A 4th dimensional activity.
15. (Q) Is electricity, sound, light and heat, similarly 4th dimensional phenomena?
(A) Phases of same. Else how would there be the variation in the activity of the atomic forces through etheric forces as radiate from the sun itself, changed in the activity when same is considered in that of any form of vacuum? In the active principle as is set forth in the motive energy created by the expansions as are seen in the motor, with the sprangle and the motor - with the race - this is the same energy, only increased by its activity being expanded in action, see? Just as the sun's rays piercing that of the various phases of a vacuum force that is then come in accord with atmospheric force, that impregnated with the various forms of energy in its constant change as taking place about the sphere in its motion, creating that as called high or low barometer activity, and in same bringing about the force of wind. This an expansion of the same forces as are created in the drum when the expelling of the gravity in same in elements create that activity set in motion, gathers from the same elements that create energy and force, see? That's a good one! That's why we have wind - that's why when the sun's rays are passed that point on the sphere known as Capricorn, or those of the opposite point, we reach that radial center as is seen from the sprangle on drum where each element takes on its activity in both down and upward movement, or as is more crudely given in how that one may by a similar motion continue to keep a pan, hat, glass, or any object with a convex surface continually in air, as long as that particular motion is kept in action. Just the same as is created in the rays about which the sprangle takes place in its action as it moves from end to end about a common center, that in its activity keeps the expanding of the force set in motion to create just that continual motion.
16. (Q) Is there any other correction or help that you may give, or will give to [195] and to [4666], in the process of construction of -
(A) This is only as has been given afore, that in the process of assembly of parts in same, that only care should be taken that same are in place before there is any loosening of the impelling energy loosened into active principle to the machine. Get that? That is, that before there is any loosening of the active energy that begins to expand in action, the whole of the parts must be in their respective place. No, not a hard thing - rather a simple thing, when it's kept in mind that this is necessary. We are through for the present.

READING 4666-5 M 36

(Inventor and Operator Motor Service Station)

this 25th day of May, 1929

1. MHB: Now you will have before you [4666] of ..., Ohio. You will interpret and explain the three dreams had by him that I have written on the yellow paper before me. You will answer questions regarding same. [See record of dreams following rdg.]
2. EC: We have the body, [4666]. This we have had before. Also the dream or vision, or experience of the body, as indicated here on the yellow sheet. In this there is seen the fear or dread as experienced by the body through the factors as enter in to make the body afraid. And in the dream being presented three times, with just that change necessary as to make, as it were, more of the warning as concerning how that others, all unaware of those as are endeavoring to develop something, or in an unguarded moment those so working with same might, or would, give the opportunity for others to gain some knowledge concerning same. Yet the continued reaction by the body of the ability to extricate self and others from the dilemma, as seen by destroying the body or bodies of those that interfered, shows to the body rather that of the overtaxing of self as regarding fear that would prevent the body's giving its best in every sense for the development of that as is under the direction of [4666] and associates.
Then the lesson, rather that not so much care be given as to undo self or self's ability of self or associates, for what profiteth it one to gain ALL and not be able to physically OR mentally enjoy same, in seeing the fruits of the labors of the hand? for oft, as has been given, one may plant but another eateth of the fruit thereof. This as one that would burn the candle, as it were, at both ends. Being, then, not unmindful of care, but let the greater care rest in and with those who also assist in the building. See?
3. (Q) That is, it is up to us, who are connected with this work in one capacity or another, to help guard the work from intrusion?
(A) Correct. As it would be for any work that would be contemplated through any sources, as related either directly or indirectly, that there needs not be the fear of there being an undoing, will ALL but do their portion as respecting precautions of EVERY nature, see?
4. (Q) Is the work in relation to the motor being properly guarded?
(A) Being properly guarded by those in and out. Then don't worry himself over it, see?
5. (Q) Is the motor as now being builded by [195] and [4666] one that will function within the coming weeks?
(A) Will function.
6. (Q) Well, then, that we be ready to get in touch with Ball?
(A) Get in touch with those that are to assist in all of the details necessary for the full protection from outside influences, when it becomes the MATERIAL condition, see? that is, the patents.
7. (Q) This ought to materialize - that is, the machine ought to run - [137] feels - sometime the first two weeks in June?
(A) By the 13th or 17th.
8. (Q) Is there any more advice that, either as regarding the machine and its construction or other relationships, you would give the four bodies connected with [4666] and the motor?
(A) Follow in those lines and those channels as has been given as respecting the usage, the application of the forces that are becoming as knowledge to a world through the efforts of ALL concerned. In the giving, then, let understanding be given with the application of that obtained or received from same in its EVERY phase, else destructive forces may be created in the same way and manner as those that are turned into channels for the good of man. We are through.

[The following record of dreams was typed and held in MHB's hand, but not read to EC.

1. Night or morning of May 17, 1929. [4666] Motor Company had a large plant some place, and also had an organization to help the poor and needy. There were two negroes - one a man and the other a woman - working for us in the service station. We caught them stealing things and money that didn't belong to them. We fired them. They got angry at [195] and myself. We then went about one block away, and the negro man was there trying to start trouble. He wanted to fight [195], who was down below me on the level with the negro. About fifteen feet away there was another big white man who was supposed to be [195]'s bodyguard. [195] was back under this tressel, as was also this big white man - who was between [195] and the negro. The negro man got up and started to cause trouble. I told him to stop or I would kill him. He grabbed a two inch black pipe about six feet long, drew it back and wanted to hit the white man and [195]. The bodyguard was afraid of the negro and tried to run away, crawling through some place and leaving [195] hemmed in where he could not get out. The negro hit the white man across the head and tried, as he started to crawl through this place, to hit [195]. I hit the negro in the head and killed him with a pipe or something in my hand. [195] was worried for me. I told him I killed the negro to save his life. Everything was alright, and I awoke and recalled the vision, went back to sleep and there followed the second vision.
2. I returned to the upper level, where the office of the corporation was. There was a beautiful marble stone outside, about ten feet wide and very long. I knew the gangsters were trying to get rid of me, so I shielded my body from my ankles to my chin with a bullet proof shield. Then I put a bottle of red ink in my shirt in front, so that when the gangsters shot at me they would break the red fluid and think it was blood. I was there only a short time when seven gangsters came by with two machine guns, turned them on me as they went by in a big car. They saw the red fluid spilling all over my clothes, and thinking they had shot me, said "We got him". It seemed that they were glad they had killed me. Then I pulled out a pistol and killed all seven of the gangsters. The big car went into the rock and was torn to pieces. Again [195], [900], [137], and some more of my friends came out and saw what had happened, and I told them that it was in self defense that I killed these men. I showed them my clothes, all shot up, and I assured them all was well with me. I awoke again and recalled the dream as I had dreamed it and there followed the third dream.
3. This time we, the [4666] Motor Corporation, had a large ranch in Arizona, with many cattle. We had our cattle marked with our mark, or brand. There was a large number of Mexican rustlers who came to our ranch and brought a big bunch of stolen cattle with them and left them on our ranch, and started driving our cattle away. Again I came out with a repeating rifle and killed the Mexicans. I told [195], [900], and [137] and the others that were there what had happened. I told them that these bandits tried to make it appear as if we the [4666] Motor Co. were crooked, doing crooked work, and were a bunch of thieves. It seemed that in the end all turned out good. Then I woke and recalled the whole dream and it was all very much impressed on my mind.
Q. Is there any particular reference to any special condition or connection that we should beware of? Any advice as to how we may avoid such a condition? or prevent it from arising? Any particular reference to [195], [900], [137], or as to how any or all of these should be warned as respecting such conditions?]

End of Part 2! ~ See Part 2b!

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