Cayce on the No Fuel Motor ~ 1!

Psychic Readings of Edgar Cayce

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No Fuel Motor ~ Perpetual Motion Machine?

READING 4665-1

Chicago, Ill., this 8th day of March, 1928

1. [900]: You will have before you the gasless motor invented by [4666].
2. EC: Yes, we have the body and enquiring mind of [4666], also the associations and those conditions surrounding the perfection of motor which will develop power in its own action. As has been given, the idea and the plans as have been worked out in part along those lines that pull more of the power as produced in compression in drum, with the leads made in these forms that gather vibrations from the air as is forced through drum, are, as we find, the better application of the created energy. In the cams [as] have been used too much slack or play is allowed in their rotation. This is in the drum's head action that these must be shortened in play.
3. The connection of [195] and [900] with same - best that these have [4666]'s operations closer under their observations when the completed product is near attained.
4. (Q) How may we bring him under our observation?
(A) Bring him to ..., Ohio or N.Y.
5. (Q) Is this machine the same as brought to Washington now by Lindbergh? [Charles A. Lindbergh]
(A) No. As is here, the [4666] machine would operate on stationary conditions impelling forces; even for now that in gas motors - for, as tested by others, has more to do with that thrown in air and gaining its impelling force from that source.
6. (Q) Would it operate perpetually if perfected?
(A) Not perpetually, but once started could be kept in motion by created energy of its own source. Other has to have some source of impellation.
7. (Q) Would [4666]'s machine be good for airplane?
(A) Would be better than other - one that would start as well as keep in motion. Pressure will be regulated by altitude.
8. (Q) When ought this be finished?
(A) In seven or eight days when material is put in shape.
9. (Q) Who had we best see in Washington regarding this?
(A) Get in shape first, then go to those through whom [195] has had associations regarding same and protecting rights of same.
10. (Q) Mr. [900] and Mr. [195] have letter to Hoover's man. Is he one to present it to?
(A) This very good - very effectual.
11. (Q) It was given from here that Clinton gave information to [4666]. [4666-1, Par. 10-A?].
(A) DeWitt Clinton. Judge [George?] DeWitt Clinton, former governor of New York.
12. (Q) How many times will this machine whirl a ten foot propeller per minute?
(A) Sufficient to keep same going in air. Stationary engine that would and could be raised to 160 horse power or increased in build and in drum to almost infinite power.
13. (Q) How much would a machine equal to four hundred horse power weigh?
(A) Two hundred - three hundred - pounds.
14. (Q) How many times would it whirl a ten foot propeller?
(A) Forty-six hundred times a minute.
15. (Q) Any other advice you would give to [4666] concerning construction of machine or anything you would give to us regarding same?
(A) In this relation might be considered first, to [4666], that there must be perfect cooperation of the self and the will with those who would assist in perfecting this from the material side. Also there must be perfect cooperation with inner self to obtain that information that would give self knowledge to apply same in connection with cosmic relation. For force is one and in obtaining proper relation of energies as set forth and released, these must coordinate.

READING 4665-2

Chicago, Ill., this 9th day of March, 1928

1. [900]: [4666]'s telegram states that "new leads and a new drum of enlarged size must be manufactured before machine will work. Will this be necessary? Will the machine run and develop power? Should slack or play be taken up in the cams as given in yesterday's reading? Can this type of fuelless motor be manufactured and put on market at this time, or require too much experiment?"
2. EC: Yes, we have the body and the machine as is being builded by [4666]. [See 4665-1.] As given, the corrections need to be made in the leads for the better operation of same. With these new changes the drum would necessarily need changing or reconstruction of same. This do, with little changes. Always best that [4666], as this is builded, be close under observation of those who would assist in the development of machine, and while the various tests are being made for the perfecting and balancing of same. Do that.
3. Then, a new enlarged drum - not necessarily larger but new, but cams changed as outlined and leads with various sprangles made so charges give the proper connections. Cams changed so that there is not so much play in their rotation.
4. (Q) Will this type motor in time revolutionize the motive power in the world? (A) The feasibility of the machine, as given, is along correct lines. With the revolution this machine will create as a motive power, necessarily much experimentation is necessary, with first the completion of the machine so that the demonstration is satisfactory. Let it furnish, when finished, the nucleus for further experimentation. This should, under supervision of one that keeps [4666] in line, be done in a few weeks.
5. (Q) Would it be well for [195] to go to Birmingham and bring [4666] back to ..., Ohio with him? If so, when best for [195] to go?
(A) Let's get the machine built first!
6. (Q) How had [195] best address or take care of Mrs. [1010] in this matter?
(A) After [4666] has been made aware of [195)'s association with the development of the motive power, she [Mrs. [1010]] must be satisfied as to the sincerity of purpose in those that would assist [4666].
7. (Q) Regarding [257] -
(A) [Interrupting] Well to consider such an one, for through these sources much aid, help may be had for experimentation or development, or in market for connections this body has with many that maintain experimental labs, this in itself would be a motive, considering all things and the friendship and all.
8. We are through for the present.

READING 4665-3

this 28th day of March, 1928

1. GC: You will have before you the body and the enquiring mind of [195] of the ... Hotel, New York City, and the association as is being formed for the development of the [4666] Motor, and the marketing thereof. You will answer the questions which I will ask you regarding same.
2. EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, [195]. This we have had here before, also those associations as respecting the development, the marketing and the perfecting of the [4666] Motor. Ready for questions.
3. (Q) The following claim for securing a basic patent has been evolved: "Means of generating power within itself by relationship between water or other liquids, and vacuum or contained air or contained gas - or relationship between liquids and other properties with less specific gravity than the liquid." Or, would it be better to say, "Means of generating power within self by a virtue of relationship of liquid to some other substance either uncontained or contained that has the less specific gravity than the liquid." You will correct this in such a way that a basic patent could be secured. Or give a better clause for basic patent on [4666] Motor.
(A) That as given in the last presentation would be correct in the way to present same for the basic patent; that is, that means of generating power within self through the relationship of that given between specific gravity of liquid or other chemicals with other materials, with that of water, in or through container, see? or that as last presented would be the proper manner for presentation for basic patent.
In the make-up of the new manner, or the new drum this we find would be the proper proportions for the drum: Eleven inches (11") in diameter, and thirty-four inches (34") in length, with the seven inch (7") eccentric; making the leads in the form of sprangles, and not so much looseness - but sufficient for proper action in cams in end of drum. These would be the proper proportions. The steel drum will be more effective in giving off the proper relationship between the chemicals, vacuum, and the water, and will generate sufficient of the power to show the practicality and the plausibility of the operation.
In considering those who would handle the proposition properly in obtaining the basic patent for the association, we would consider that one FIRST of Henry Rice Bell [BALL?] as being the better, or the proper one to handle this situation; for, while the associations of Bell with others are such that there may be questions, yet IN the ABILITY OF those considered, this one FAR surpasses the others!
4. (Q) Would the proposed set-up for the handling of the [4666] Corporation be the proper way to handle same - 51% of stock to be set aside for promoters - 17% of this 51% to go to [4666] - 34% of the 51% to be divided equally between [195], [900] and [137], who are furnishing the capital and time - the 49% to be sold as promotion and to include that 9% that is to be given to the people in Birmingham who have assisted [4666] so far - each individual sharing in same according to the amount invested. Or should [4666] be given 15% and the 36% be divided between [195], [900] and [137] and [257]? Or, what would be the proper set-up?
(A) As has been given, the promoters - or those as are conducting the development and the perfecting of the motor - should retain the 51%, and that [4666] should have at least 15% to 17% of that stock. As given, [257] should not be disregarded in the connection of being one of those IN on the development of this motor, as has been given.
Correct, that those who have assisted so far in the development be taken care of in the proportion to the amount invested - as is being sold for the promotion and for the development for the corporation or motor. These should be the proper way to set same up.
As to the divisions that each promoter should have, that would be left with those; yet [4666] should receive that INDIVIDUALLY equal to ANY of those held by other promoters, and promoters should ever retain at least 51% of such stock.
5. We are through.

READING 195-51 M 44 (Realtor; Mfgr. of Auto Accessories)

this 7th day of April, 1928

1. GC: You will have before you the body and the enquiring mind of [195] of ..., Ohio, also his association with [900], [137], and [4666] in promotion of [4666] Motors. You will interpret the dreams as I give them, and advise whether last named dream is a warning as to procedure relative to any part of [4666] incorporating, and, or patent application, and, or any individual connected with the development, or in patent procedure. You will also advise whether the written theory (that I hold now in my hand) for the reason of the working of the [4666] Motor in opposition to the law of the Conservation of Energy is correct. You will either add to this theory or correct same. [See written theory in 195-51, Par. R2.]
2. EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, [195] - this we have had before.
3. In the physical, it would be well for the body to use the inhalant as has been given, for clarification of conditions affecting the mucus membranes of nostrils and throat. Do this. [See 195-39 on 1/17/27 advising inhalant 538-18 for Mr. [195].]
4. As for those conditions as given, or held here, respecting the activity that is generated in the various forces as are brought in that relativity of position and condition that brings into play, or action, such elements or force - this [is] the manifestation of ONE element of relativity of force. Hence, as has been given, [in 4665-3, Par. 3-A] this may be clarified with the addition of besprangled leads. [See dictionary definition of these terms in Par. R1.]
5. In the conditions arising in the varied effects created, these are in the general manner properly expressed or shown in that as held here.
6. As for dreams, and the interpretation - ready for same.
7. (Q) On or about March 20 - 28 - at ..., Ohio. Dreamed that I was exercising in Kansas City. Walking up and down beside train taking me from Los Angeles to Chicago. I realized that I had left my overcoat in station and started for it when thought came to me that train might start. As I stood there undecided, the train started rapidly and I started running for vestibule. I couldn't make headway (as is customary in dreams) and I seemed to say to myself, this is only a dream as I can't run. With that thought I was released and ran easily and caught the train.
(A) Here we have emblematically presented to the body those conditions as respecting trains, and losses, and recuperations, and the various effects as are created by the understanding of the relation between dream and that presented, or represented, or given to the body for use with same. Here we find a definite place - Kansas City, the center or head from which radiates certain railroads that are to be in various combines, and through the activity of the entity there may be gained - or the information may be used by the entity or body to gain for self those of mercenary conditions that will add to the abilities of the entity to accomplish many of the things as have been set forth by the entity to be gained through same. Do that, and use same in that manner.
8. (Q) Friday night or Saturday morning - early hours March 31st, on train between N.Y. and Washington, D.C. Dreamed I was in my apartment in ..., Ohio. My partner was crawling on the floor trying to get away from burglars. With that feeling of burglars present I then seemed to be in a sleeping car berth and again bandits were on train going through coaches and looting travelers. The bandit was arguing with some woman near my berth, so I hid my purse - then woke up.
(A) Here we have the warning to the entity regarding those conditions surrounding that the entity entertaining the idea of launching or presenting, see? There are many elements entering in, as is seen in the various forms of banditry, and of those that are presented. These, as have been given - well that the conditions be kept well under the supervision, advice, control and action of the body, as respecting the motor, until completed and preparations are made to handle or dispose of same, see?
9. (Q) I am holding explanation of working of [4666] Motor. [See 195-51, Par. R2.] You will correct this or add to it, so that on demonstration of motor in patent office the theory of why the machine works may be given in an intelligent way.
(A) This, as has been given, is the proper explanation, in the general way, of that taking place in the operation of the motor. Hence that as has been given as may be added to make this more perfect in operation, but that relativity of force as is generated by the air, water, or the varied conditions existing between the action of the two, in the manner as presented, is the proper explanation, and - may be seen - a WORKABLE condition. We are through.

READING 4665-4

this 21st day of April, 1928

1. [900]: You will have before you the body and the enquiring mind of [195], who is working in cooperation with [4666] in ..., Ohio, on the [4666] Motor. You will have before you the patent attorneys in Washington, D.C. who may be fitted to handle this patent [See 4665-4, Par. B2]. The first question you will answer regarding this is as follows: Is it expedient to build two motors at this time? One size as already given by the forces from here, and another size to be a smaller size and used as a working motor at the patent office as per rules for this class of machine. If the small size should be built to gain a patent, and to use to demonstrate to the patent attorneys to the committee in Washington, what size motor should be used and how small amount of power should be generated? Would two inch eccentric throw and leads eight inches wide generate power enough to turn the motor on? What are approximate dimensions of small size motor that would work?
3. It becomes necessary, as given, for a model to be presented for application of patent on such machinery. The size does not make a great deal of difference, so the same ratio or proportions are kept for that outlined. The variation in the specific gravity of chemical and other ingredients through which the leads gain their control from combustion as produced through activity of that change taking place in the matter - these will operate under this same ratio, so the size as has been outlined or considered with the leads, with the eccentric, if the size as given will operate. These will generate sufficient power to thoroughly demonstrate the plausibility and practicability of the motor, built in that way and manner.
4. In the presenting of same for patent, there has been given the best one to consider same and to secure same. These - through connections and changes - have not been as seriously considered as they should have been. Those with and through whom [195] has operated would prove just as liable to forego the proper action, and more so than the others.
5. (Q) Stick to Ball then? [Henry Rice BEll? See 4665-3, Par. 3-A.]
(A) Stick to Ball, if the proper consideration would be gained for the proper development, the proper consideration, of this motor.
6. (Q) A two inch eccentric and eight inch leads will prove proper dimensions for the smaller model?
(A) This as given.
7. (Q) Any further suggestions that might aid [195] and [4666] in specifically manufacturing and demonstrating this machine?
(A) Build the model on the same lines as has been outlined for the larger motor, and - as given - only necessary that sufficient experimentation be made to give the proper reaction for the work of the motor. Be careful of the cams and the leads. These are the centers from which generation and activity toward the eccentrics operate.
Do that.
8. We are through with this reading.

READING 4665-5

this 22nd day of May, 1928

1. GC: You will have before you the [4666] Motor - which has been completed and does not function - at ... St., ..., Ohio. Please advise what is wrong, and answer the questions which I ask you regarding same.
2. EC: Not much motor as yet! There are some hindrances with the way the leads pick up the change in vibration as set forth by the action of chemical gravitation. The fault does not lie in the eccentric, as has been thought. Rather in the variation of the space as is allowed between ends of leads and the directions in which same are set. Be patient.
Do not jump too quick at conclusions, for the principle IS correct, and [4666] - and [195] - BOTH - will be guided to the necessary changes or alterations as they persist in TINKERING, as it were, with the variations in leads, cams, cam shaft, and eccentric. Ready for questions.
3. (Q) Are the bearings too tight? (A) These may be loosened, and will assist - but the troubles, as given, lie mostly in the leads and directions.
4. (Q) How should these be fixed?
(A) Fixed in the right proportion to the amount of the difference between the gravity of those chemicals and water as used in tank. Change these to the variations of this condition and we will find these will work. Persistence with these. Do not expect to be handed right off without using some discretion, also following - as has been given - those outlines as will be presented to them. Look for them - seek for them - and gain them - through the sources as have been outlined. We are through.

READING 4665-6

this 4th day of June, 1928

1. GC: You will have before you the body and the enquiring mind of [195] and the revised drawing made by him now on drawing table at ... St., ..., Ohio, showing the new relative position of cam, leads, lead ties, and sprangle slots for small working model [4666] Motor. You will answer questions concerning the new drawings as I ask them.
2. EC: We have the body, the enquiring mind, with those drawings or outlines as indicate that these are nearer in keeping with those changes as have been suggested regarding leads, angles, and cams. These, as we find, with that necessary change in the angles as come in changing - that is, the IDEA through which the influence of conditions act with this - these should operate properly. It will not be necessary to change the size of the container or tank. The angles are better than have been presented before. Ready for questions.
3. (Q) Is angle A.B.C. of lead tie too obtuse?
(A) Not too obtuse, no. The sprangles will be necessary to work with, or to change as the gravity shows in position, see? but these may be done easily.
4. (Q) Is angle M.C.D. being pitch of sprangle slot correct?
(A) Correct. We would BUILD it along these lines, keeping this same principle as has been given is correct. Necessary that some experimentation in the various ends of sprangles be made. Other than this, the drawings - as we see - would make the operating machine.
5. (Q) Will small motor using present relative sizes and pitches, as outlined in drawing, work?
(A) Should work.
6. (Q) Will model have to be made larger to work?
(A) No. The relative positions - the relative conditions are correct.
7. We are through with this reading.

READING 4665-7

this 5th day of July, 1928

1. GC: You will have before you body and enquiring mind of [195], also assembled [4666] working model motor, and a larger sized drawing for motor, all in 2nd floor apartment, ... St., ..., Ohio. You will answer the questions I will ask you regarding this.
2. EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, [195] - this we have had before. Also the working model of [4666] motor and drawings appertaining to a larger motor. Portions of this model or drawing we have had before. Ready for questions, for there may be much said concerning this smaller working model. The changes as we find necessary for the complete perfection or operation would only be in the ability to make the bearings in the cam work in a smooth manner without using that in lubrication that would prevent the action of the force as supplies the motive power, for the leads and the sprangle are in proper proportion, and needs be only changed in the direction from which the operative force is attracted through same for perfection of the current in fact. While in the larger drawing, as is indicated here on board, provisions here are made for the bearings in a manner by the enlarging of same, so that there will not be binding in the model, or in the cam turn, as is seen in the smaller model; yet the smaller model should be made to operate, yet making the larger as indicated on drawing, and this giving freer use of the active forces as are indicated in that as has been given would facilitate matters, in that it would give an easier access into making the necessary changes in the leads and their pertaining force with the active principles in the operative force, and hence would be easier for the individual to find that of the correct balance in the manner of directing force through leads. Ready for questions.
3. (Q) The quarter inch roller bearings running in end of eccentric drum seem too small. Do these do the binding? What binds?
(A) As given in this, the turn of same binds - on account of the manner of lubricant in the binding shaft or bearing (in bearing) that causes the stop - when start and stop, see? Now, as indicated, this will be found, or the correction may be easily made in the larger model, for this will give opportunity for the experimentation in the directing of leads, for the length and the angle are near correct. As given, these will of necessity need experimentation with same. Forget not that in the operating the longitude and latitude must be considered, or that direction north, east. south and west, and the activities or principles that work with the force that is producing, or inducing, the impelling force for the motor proper. While this sensitiveness is nominal in some directions, in specific gravity has its effect. Hence these must be taken into consideration.
4. (Q) Are not the shafts and bearings attached to the reverse sides of sprangle wheels in present model?
(A) Attached to reverse side.
5. (Q) End view drawing of a slightly larger sized motor is on drawing board - with leads 12" wide - eccentric throw 5" - eccentric drum diameter 8" - draw of sprangle 22". Will motor this size and as drawn function?
(A) As has been indicated, and is indicated, those necessary changes in the bearings and their operative force are provided for in these drawings, as is seen in the length of sprangle and of leads, and of its relation to the force or the gravitation as is exercised in the operative forces of the motor itself. This, as given - these indications as are outlined - these differences as must be considered - should give the enquiring mind of this body, [195], and of [4666] (operative force IN same, or inception of same), that necessary to produce, through their cooperative effort, that model that would work to perfection; for the IDEA is proper, and the activity of same only needs that experimentation, with the direction, the angle, the changes in the specific gravity as indicated of that used AS motive force, and of the activities of the outer forces with same, to make this not an experimentation, but a fact. We are through.

Gas) with all the powers of the divisions {important clue to a valuable energy source]

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