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  • 1714-1 One naturally adapted to self and to associates as regarding the reading, understanding, of mystic and magic influence.
  • 1714-1 In the field of the understanding of the magic or mysterious forces, especially as applied to the influences over peoples, and in the APPLICATION of same - whether as to song, music, or of precious stones - even these that have to do with the odors - may the entity gain, conquer self, and develop through these experiences; keeping in that way in which the criterion for the development is made as the ideal; holding that, the entity may reach to that position as to WHATEVER is desired, so long as the DESIRE is in accord with that universal force or development, called - God. Ready for questions.
  • 19. (Q) What should the entity study to develop mysticism?
  • (A) The effect of odor, color, harmony, upon individuals. Individuals study and personal application greater than books, though the books of the mystics may be read - but DEVELOP same in PERSONAL experience AND application.
  • 21. (Q) Should the entity study and write poetry?
  • (A) That the natural consequence of harmony, as related to any of the phases of mystic influences - for poetry is only the mystic influence of the mental forces of a body. That's POETRY, really, in individuals. The mystic influence had upon the mental forces of a mental body. We are through for the present.
  • When there is held by self an ideal, or that as is a guiding star for the continuity of life, hope, peace and happiness, these may not touch a body. One allowing self to harken TO the voices of those that partake of those ELEMENTAL forces may be directed by that that may be called black magic, or that of OVERPOWERING in the mental world.
  • 2143-1 17. (Q) Did changing my name have anything to do with my life?
  • (A) Change in the name changed the vibrations in many directions, and is HELPFUL in the present experience - will these be guided as the directions or indications have been given.
  • 2630-1 45. (Q) Since I am definitely drawn to occult things, how can I free myself from the fear instilled by an early horoscope which stated that in turning to anything psychic I might open myself to the influences of black magic?
  • (A) No better formula may be given than this: Read Deuteronomy 30th, as being directed to thee BY those influences ye helped establish among a great peoples.
  • Then study and analyze John 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th. Not as rote, again, but as a PRACTICAL experience, as may be the experience of any soul that seeks to make that creative force, God, as manifested there, the rule of the life.
  • No greater psychic lived than Jesus of Nazareth. No greater activity was manifested than by the entity itself in that directing of the household of its own sons; two of which practised black magic and were destroyed. These build that fear. In Him it is eradicated.
  • Let that be thy watchword which begins one of those portions intended for thy instruction, ever - "Let not thy heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."
  • 137-3 4. (Q) In a previous reading, you told this body that he himself was a psychic. You will tell him how he will develop this psychic ability.
  • (A) As has been given, we have in the material world the two known and accepted conditions. The body and the material world. The projection from the body or from a material world is of that unknown element called psychic. See?
  • We have those forces in the mental, or soul forces that with the spirit inside of entity shall manifest itself, that the phenomena or psychic forces become perceptible to the individual entity. The training, the knowledge, the understanding of such forces may be developed in this body through certain lines that are as sure conditions. As given, in this manner and form, may same be developed, giving a certain given period to concentrate his body physically, mentally, entering the silence. Come apart from the outside world, the thoughts, perceptions of the outside forces, alone entering into the silence for 15 to 20 minutes each day at first. See?
  • Giving the body the time, the spirit forces of such entity aside, and then enter into the magic silence and instantly force those projections from the manifested forces of the world, of material, of psychic, those conditions that will make to the individual the understanding, the knowledge of the psychic forces as are in the world, and that may be made manifested in this individual entity [137]. For with each 137-3 Page 2 entering in through concentrations, with awakening of that entity forces quick arising conditions that arise through such a condition as has manifested through psychic forces. The use of such forces in a material world is the greater gift of any entity. This body would understand from this conception the perception of such knowledge and the use of same.
  • In this manner may the body fully understand such conditions. Well that these be guided by that injunction as will be found in the last verse of Deuteronomy 29, and the whole chapter of 30.
  • 5. (Q) Where shall this body take this solitude, when concentrating?
  • (A) Any place the body may choose, being alone, and in the same place each day.
  • 6. (Q) Is any such hour suggested for this concentration?
  • (A) No, any hour, only using the same hour each day, entering with the supplication to the Giver of all good and perfect gifts.
  • 7. (Q) How can this body learn to concentrate as suggested?
  • (A) This is the special gift of this entity. Through the supplications set aside the cares, the thoughts, of the outside world and study those conditions that mind enters at such concentrations, at times and certain times that come through the mental forces of the body.
  • 8. (Q) After this has been developed, how can the psychic power of this body be used?
  • (A) In developing same in the lives of others, not to become as one that would be evil-spoken of, but that that gives the other living possession of the holy one within the lives of each and every individual that will awaken to the indwelling of Him who gives life to all.
  • 9. (Q) Is it pre-ordained that this body should have the use of this power?
  • (A) Pre-ordained in that entity, as gained through this mode and manner of conducting this will, with that of the Divine Spirit as is given in injunction "My spirit beareth witness with your spirit, whether ye be the sons of God or not." In this entity this has been kept, and the body keeps the living way within itself and presents the body, soul and spirit, holy and acceptable unto Him, which is a reasonable service.
  • 10. (Q) How long will it be necessary for the body to go into these solitudes before this body will have the use of a psychic power?
  • (A) Twenty to thirty days. 137-3 Page 3
  • 11. (Q) After these periods of concentration, what should be done to develop the body's psychic power?
  • (A) For those particular injunctions that come to the individual self in such moments, same may be used in the material and in the psychic way, so long as it is done in an unselfish manner.
  • 12. (Q) Should this body read any literature on the subject of the psychic? If so, what literature?
  • (A) Those as indicated we find the best study of psychic literature given.
  • 13. (Q) How can this body study himself?
  • (A) Study this injunction as given in the manner and way given.
  • 14. (Q) Will the development of this psychic force imprison this body as far as he personally is concerned?
  • (A) It improves the body materially, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.
  • 15. (Q) Would you suggest anything further to this body?
  • (A) We are through for the present.
  • 1724-4 35. The entity then became much acquainted with the influence in the Alexandrian land, and there we find the activities or interests were in the unusual, the mysteries, those things which delved into the abilities of individuals to use the unseen forces; or to work in what would be called by some MAGIC, by others those influences in which the elementals were used for activities upon the higher tension of the mental forces of individuals.
  • 1724-4 36. Again we find the entity slipped into those things in which self-indulgence and self-aggrandizement brought disappointing forces to the entity. And the entity was raised only by its associations with those in authority to the better activities during the experience.
  • 37. The abilities then as a writer, the abilities as a musician, the abilities as a delver into the mysterious forces, arise in the present experience INNATELY and manifestedly according to the harkening within from those experiences through the Roman, the Palestine and the Alexandrian lands; in the name then of Zebuden.
  • 2386-1 30. The name then was Tep-Lepan. The entity gained, the entity lost; gained during the periods of deeper thought and meditation, lost in the period of grudges, the period of attempt to apply necromancy as related to the magic, or the 2386-1 Page 5 reasonings. Magicians then were not merely sleight of hand performers, or prestidigitators, or those who worked mysteries, but rather they were - as would be termed today - the lawyers, or the students of laws of EVERY nature pertaining to the ruling and directing of the subjects of a kingdom or of a household.
  • "There IS a law, if I could but know!"
  • 33. Again that counsel, that admonition, - know that the answer is ever within self. For, He - the ruler - He, the love - He, the God of the universal forces - will not leave thy questions unanswered, if ye seek to know same in and through Him; and the answer will find materialization in mind and THEN in materiality in self.
  • 2386-1 34. Study then to show thyself approved unto that ideal ye choose; knowing there is the necessity of combining, coordinating, cooperating with the universal forces and consciousness within.
  • 2835-1 20. Before that the entity was in the French land, during those periods when there were disturbances and wars not only with the Huns but with those peoples of the Norse land.
  • 21. In that period the entity found the needs for relying upon the cunningness of its ability to work magic, as it were; to use all the wiles of every nature to have and hold its place or position among those in such times. Yet the entity then, in the name Madame Queluman, was equal to the occasion.
  • 22. Thus those experiences as may be found in the abilities of the entity to judge individuals, to know the way of their thinking, or what they think; the abilities as one who is sensitive to the activities of others, those who are interested in all forms of occult or mystic powers, the influence of charm, the influence of rote. All of these become a part of the innate or manifested experience of the entity.
  • 23. And while much of this the entity has held in abeyance in its material activity, it finds expression in the entity's deeper mental self. And yet, as indicated, the needs in such experiences that the real spiritual values of an ideal be expressed.
  • 34. As to the abilities of the entity in the present, that to which it may attain, and how:
  • 35. First, know thyself. Analyze thy purposes, thy desires. Know thy ideal, - spiritually, mentally, materially.
  • 36. Then study to show thyself approved unto the same, keeping self unspotted from condemnation; knowing in Whom ye have believed, as well as in what ye believe.
  • 3285-2 16. The entity was among those who by its own wits, as would be called, today (being left by others and by its companion), made what would be called now sorceries or divinations, using charm and magic as a means to attain those desires and purposes.
  • 17. Hence in the present all things pertaining to charm, sacred formulas, societies, initiations, the ritual of varied groups are of interest to the entity, not matter whether these are in the darkest minds of men or in the higher ritualistic orders.
  • 18. These abilities were not used for other than material things. Thus, while they have the material hold, they must be watched and guarded against becoming the thing ye worship, rather than the spiritual. Hence the warning that has been indicated to the entity. It is the spirit with which ye do a thing, the purpose that brings weal or woe in its effect in the experience.
  • 21. The entity then was an apothecary, as might be called today, working with the herbs and oils and the combinations for the special essence and odors that might be obtained from same.
  • 22. The name then was Shuelmeur. The entity gained throughout that experience, for that it applied such for the preparation of the mind to be attuned from the material to the spiritual. Yet these might easily become the source or means rather than just the urge to be induced. Hence as indicated, the senses or the sensual things may easily lead the entity astray, unless it be well grounded in the spiritual ideals and purposes.
  • 5277-1 19. The entity then learned from nature, understanding of the manifesting of life in the earth. The entity had the abilities in the hands to make things, to bring to pass in the experiences of others by using what is sometimes called magic. It is natural law of attraction or repulsion of activities by rote of mind, as well as elements in nature itself; for, as is understood by those who would interpret man correctly, the body-physical if alive is composed of all the elements in the earth. Some have antipathy, others have attraction, and the attraction may be used to create, or antipathy may be made to work against or produce thoughts, conditions, emotions in the bodies of others.
  • 20. These the entity used, not too seriously, yet to its own questioning by others.
  • 21. Thus in the present, in relationships which have been with peoples and groups, sometimes a question mark, and yet greater are the abilities of the entity even in the present to use divine science, or divine attraction, to bring to pass in its experience those things which may help or hinder.
  • 22. Never use thy abilities for self-indulgence or self gratification; it becomes sin.
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