AUM~Sparky's Atlantis Review: SECRET OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER, by Jung & Wilhelm!

Atlantis Book Review!!

by Jung and Wilhelm!

by Jung and Wilhelm!

This book, perhaps 5,000 year old Chinese wisdom, holds the unique position of being about the only source for the mystical key of the proper circulation of the light within to wash away sins. Some may reproach me for revealing these mysteries, but I'm guided by 'judge not lest ye be judged'. To a sinner these pearls of wisdom may seem like foolishness, as it is written. In meditation I perceived an old fashion key going around a counterclockwise circle. This seems contrary to that given here, but the rest seems most precious.

When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear.

  • - * The adept turns them inward and brings them together, whereby they fertilize one another and produce a psychically vital, and therefore strong, life of the spirit.
  • - It is not a momentary fantasy, but the exhaustion of the cycle (soul-migrations) of all the aeons.
  • - Therefore the duration of a breath means a year according to human reckoning and a hundred years measured by the long night of the nine paths of reincarnations.
  • - It is the detaching of a unit of energy and the enveloping of it with seed-energies that lead to embodiment. The process is conceived of as connected with a sound.
  • P32 - After a man has the one sound of individuation behind him, he will be born outward according to the circumstances, and until his old age he will never look backward. The energy of the light exhausts itself and trickles away.
  • - Desires, the path of submersion
  • - Release is in the eye.
  • - * The seed-blossoms of the human body must be concentrated upward in the empty space. - Immortality is contained in this sentence. - This is the common goal of all religions.
  • - The light is not in the body alone, nor is it only outside the body.
  • - The light flower of heaven and earth fills all the thousand spaces.
  • - To concentrate the seed-flower of the human body above in the eyes, that is the great Key of the human body.
  • - Children, take heed! If for a day you do not practise meditation, this light streams out, who knows whither?
  • - * If you only meditate for a quarter of an hour, by it you can do away with the ten thousand aeons and a thousand births.
  • - All methods end in quietness. This marvelous magic cannot be fathomed.
  • - One must press on from the obvious to the profound, from the course to the fine - with no interruptions.
  • - The beginning and the end of the practice must be one. - In between there are cooler and warmer moments.
  • - The goal must be to reach the vastness of heaven and the depths of the sea.
  • - All holy men have bequeathed this to one another: Nothing is possible without contemplation (fan-chao reflection).
  • - What has to be reversed by reflection is the self- conscious heart, which has to direct itself towards that point where the formative spirit is not yet manifest.
  • - Don't just look at your own ego!
  • - The two founders of Buddhism and Taoism have taught that one should look at the tip of one's nose.
  • - Wherever the eye looks, the heart is directed also.
  • - Not tight: Only when the eyelids are lowered properly half way is the tip of the nose seen in just the right way. - Allow the light to stream in of itself. The eyes are brought into the right direction for looking.
  • - One looks with both eyes at the tip of the nose, sits upright and in a comfortable position, and holds the heart to the center in the midst of conditions.
  • P35 - It is only a matter of fixing one's thinking on the point which lies exactly between the eyes.
  • - * When one fixes the thought on the midpoint between the two eyes, the light streams in of its own accord.
  • - In these few words the most important thing is contained.
  • - Quiet the emotions by control of the breathing.
  • - The fixed pole in the flight of phenomena is quite literally in the centre of conditions.
  • - Meditation, stage one: Gathering the light; stage two: Origin of a new being in the place of power.
  • - The condition is the portal.
  • - See where the thought arose, and not seek beyond the point of origin; for to find the heart (consciousness, to get behind consciousness with consciousness), that cannot be done.
  • - Bring the states of the heart to rest.
  • - The circulation is fixation. The light is contemplation.
  • - Fixation without contemplation is circulation without light. Contemplation without fixation is light without circulation!
  • - Protection of the centre is important for the circulation of the light. - When the primal spirit is master.
  • - Circulation is the foundation.
  • - To protect the yellow middle with the fire of the spirit, that is the work of building.
  • - Keeping the thoughts on the space between the two eyes allows the light to penetrate.
  • - * The centre in the midst of conditions is the lower Elixir-field, the place of energy (solar plexus).
  • - Sit down daily to meditate with legs crossed.
  • - Let the light in the eyes be stopped; let the hearing power of the ear be crystallized.
  • - The tongue should be laid to the roof of the mouth.
  • - Let the breathing through the nose be made rhythmical and the thoughts fixed on the dark door.
  • - A point on the bridge of the nose which lies not quite half an inch below the intersection point of the line of vision, where there is a little bump on the nose. It shines on this place.
  • - The ears make the breathing rhythmical.
  • - Neither sleepiness nor distraction must set in.
  • - Breathing is at this place.
  • - (Maybe this is why they call it the bridge.)
  • P38 - Smelling is at this place.
  • - Hearing is at this place.
  • - True thoughts have duration in themselves.
  • - The spirit is thought; thought is the heart; the heart is the fire; the fire is the Elixir.
  • - When one looks at what is within in this way, the wonders of the opening and shedding of the gates of heaven will be inexhaustible.
  • - But the deeper secrets cannot be effected without making the breathing rhythmical.
  • - Problem: The breathing is too (hard) loud and hasty. - If the spirit is not crystallized in the solar plexus (the center in the midst of conditions), it is as if one had mounted to the hall but had not yet entered the inner chamber.
  • - The place on the nose is only a guideline, our thought must be of the solar plexus energy.
  • - After a hundred days there developes spontaneously in the light a point of the genuine creative light (yang). - Have a sincere heart.
  • - It must be carried out with a collected heart, and not seeking success; success will then come of itself.
  • - The heart must not enter into the breathing too completely. - Breathing comes from the heart.
  • - This inner and outer breathing hangs together like tone and echo.
  • - The clarity of the spirit ebbs away as wood dries out and ashes die.
  • - Our fantasies are related to our breathing.
  • - Make a medicine of the illness.
  • - The circulation of light must be united with the rhythm of breathing. For this, light of the ear is above all necessary.
  • - The light of the eye is the united light of the sun and moon outside.
  • - The light of the ear is the united seed of sun and moon within.
  • - The seed is thus the light in crystallized form. Therefore, understanding (ear) and clarity (eye) are one and the same.
  • - One uses the eyes to establish a plumb-line and then shifts the light downward.
  • - If the transposition downward is not successful, then the heart is directed towards listening to the breathing.
  • - One should not be able to hear with the ear the breathing.
  • P41 - (Breath has no tone) As soon as it has tone, the breathing is rough and superficial, and does not penetrate into the open.
  • - Then the heart must be made quite light and insignificant. - Released - light - little
  • - * All at once it becomes so quiet that it stops.
  • - Then true breathing is manifested and the form of the heart comes to consciousness.
  • - If the heart is light, the breathing is light.
  • - Therefore the breath-energy is used as a handle.
  • - "Book of the Elixir": The hen can hatch her eggs because her heart is always listening. - An important magic spell. - She conducts this energy inward with her heart. - With her hearing concentrates her whole heart - listening with bent ear.
  • - When a man can let his heart die, then the primal spirit wakes to life. - Gathered into one!
  • - Buddha: When you fix your heart on one point, then nothing is impossible for you.
  • - If one is not seated in meditation, one will often be distracted without noticing it.
  • - Indolence is an unpure mind.
  • - In indolence and lethargy the anima alone is active.
  • - (The anima is dark, the animus light.)
  • - Only breathing serves to overcome indolence.
  • - Breath: If light, it is pure - if rough, then it is troubled. - (Causes sleep)
  • - One should only let the light fall gently on the hearing. This sentence contains a secret meaning.
  • - The spontaneous radiation of the light of the eyes
  • - That is the union of the seed and the light of the sun and moon.
  • - One may sit during the burning of an incense stick, that is the best. - Morning
  • - Eyes - Ears: They close themselves and are inclined to sink inward.
  • - (Afternoon meditation was not recommended.)
  • - In the course of time there will be success.
  • - * The pupil must co-ordinate heart and breathing. - (Quiet the heart to sync with the breath.)
  • - Practice of counting the breath and fixing the thoughts of the heart.
  • - When the heart loses count: Then one must hold the heart steadfast.
  • - (Mouth should be closed, teethed clenched - brings back the conscious from sleep)
  • - The spirit must have recourse to breath-energy so that heart and breath are harmonized.
  • - Has confirmation signs for each step of the way.
  • - Heart and energy are co-ordinated. Only then can a state of quietness be attained.
  • - One must be detached. (From ados)
  • P46 - (Don't try too hard in meditation.)
  • - The correct way lies in keeping equal distance between being and not being. (On the wall)
  • - Attain purposelessness through purpose. Now one can let oneself go, detached and without confusion, in an independent way.
  • - The ensnaring world is where the five kinds of dark demons disport themselves.
  • - Don't tarry with dry wood and dead ashes.
  • - One enters the world of plants and stones.
  • - This is good: Bright spring - the warmth of dawn.
  • - Don't tarry in the land of ties and knots.
  • - At best, one finds oneself in heaven, at the worst, among the fox-spirits.
  • - Foxs can also cultivate the Elixir of Life; they thus attain the capacity of transforming themselves into human beings.
  • - Meditation stage three: Separation of the spirit- body for independent existence.
  • - Or, if one is not successful in uniting energy and breathing, if the water of the kidneys cannot rise, but presses downward, the primal energy becoming cold and breathing rough: Then the gentle light- energies of the great earth are too few, and one lands in the empty fantasy-world.
  • - Break off meditation if ideas gang-up.
  • - In meditating, a man must have a sort of conscious intuition, so that he feels energy and breathing unite in the field of the Elixir. - Warm light stirs dimly.
  • - * When, furthermore, all openings are quiet, and the silver moon stands in the middle of heaven, and one has the feeling that this great earth is a world of light and brightness, that is a sign that the body of the heart opens itself to clarity. It is a sign that the Golden Flower is opening.
  • - Yellow gold fills the house; the steps are of white jade.
  • - Red blood becomes milk.
  • - The sun sinks in the great water and magic pictures of trees in rows arise.
  • - The level reached indicated by direction of setting, and number of rows of trees.
  • - North is the direction of midnight - abysmal
  • - At the winter solstice, thunder (Chen) is in the middle of the earth quite hidden and covered up.
  • - Only when the trigram Chen (East) is reached does the light-pole appear over the earth again.
  • - Hence a great terrace arises and upon it, in the course of time, the Buddha appears.
  • - Confirmation experiences: The first is that, when one has entered the state of meditation, the gods are in the valley. (Echos)
  • - In the empty chamber it grows light.
  • - The fleshly body becomes quite shining like silk or jade.
  • P51 - The spirit returns and touches heaven. In time, one can experience it in such a way that one really floats upward.
  • - In the same way a man must convince himself about these experience, then only are they real.
  • - * When the pupil succeeds in concentrating with true thoughts always on the space of energy, he does not have to start the light rotating, and the light rotates by itself.
  • - Concentrate with all one's energy - to join the rhythm of heart and breath. (Spirit-energy)
  • - Then one is perhaps industrious in the morning and certainly indolent in the evening.
  • - When one begins to apply oneself to the work, one should put aside household affairs.
  • - True Man of the Purple Polar Light
  • - But when the work is so far advanced that secret confirmations are experienced, it does not matter if, at the same time, one's ordinary affairs are put in order, so that one can fulfil one's karma.
  • - A Magic Spell For The Far Journey: Four words crystallize the spirit in the space of energy. In the sixth month white snow is suddenly seen to fly. At the third watch the sun's disk sends out blinding rays. In the water blows the wind of the Gentle.
  • - Wandering in heaven, one eats the spirit-energy of the Receptive.
  • - The land that is nowhere (or now here), that is the true home.
  • - The effect depends entirely on the central One; the releasing of the effect is in the two eyes. The two eyes are like the pole of the Great Wain which turns the whole of creation; they cause the poles of light and darkness to circulate. The Elixir depends from beginning to end on one thing: The metal in the midst of the water, that is, the lead in the water- region. (Don't drink lead water.)
  • - * This is to aid one in obtaining the Master. They go through the two lower transitions in order to gain the upper one.
  • - * After the sequence of events is clear and the nature of the release is known, heaven no longer withholds the Way, but reveals the ultimate truth. Disciples, keep it secret and redouble your effort!
  • - Advanced: Now we stay in the centre and rule what is external. - With the heavenly heart exactly in the middle.
  • - * Then with both eyes one illumines the house of Abysmal (water, K'an). (North or Moon) The true light of polarity.
  • - Li, the sun is dark within, this is the body of the Creative.
  • - One must first see to it that body and heart are completely controlled.
  • - The one dark (line) enters and becomes master.
  • - * Thus the polarized light-line of the Abysmal presses upward. - When the rotating light shines towards what is within. This is then the collected light of polarity. As soon as these two substances meet each other, they unite inseparably, and there developes an unceasing life; it comes and goes, rises and falls of itself, in the house of the primal energy.
  • - * The pulse stands still and breathing stops. This is the moment of true creative union, - the heavenly heart suddenly begins a movement. This is the return of the one light, the time when the child comes to life.
  • P55 - When He moves, and we move with Him, then the movement is the root of heaven. When he is quiet, and we are quiet with him, then this quietness is the cave of the moon.
  • - Heavenly Heart: He unceasingly alternates movement and rest, go on with him - with inhaling and exhaling.
  • - * As soon as the heavenly heart is stirring, one must immediately mount upward whole-heartedly to the house of the Creative. Thus the spirit-light sees the summit; this is the leader. This movement is in accord with the time. The heavenly heart rises to the summit of the Creative, where it expands in complete freedom. Then suddenly it demands the deepest silence, and one must lead it speedily and whole- heartedly into the yellow castle; thus the eyes behold the central yellow dwelling place of the spirit.
  • - He who is looking inward suddenly forgets that he is looking.
  • - * (Eastertide?) What place the house of my spirit and my crucible are. - This condition is the penetration of heaven into earth, the time when all wonders return to their roots. So it is when the crystallized spirit goes into the space of energy.
  • - The One is the circulation of the light. (Know the Lord thy God is One, and love Him with all thy heart. He was born of virgin.)
  • - (Up circulation of heart light) When one begins, it is at first scattered and one wants to collect it.
  • - The filling up of the oil when one goes to receive life.
  • - The quieting of the spirit in the space of the ancestors, the taking possession of former heaven.

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This book surprised Jung, who thinking his ideas were original, found they were ancient! Consider these things from a spiritual, symbolic point of view. Making lavish use of the imagination and will. I've found reading the Psalms of David helpful in understanding these things.

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