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Memories, Dreams and Reflections, by Carl Jung!

Memories, Dreams and Reflections,
by Carl Jung! Part 2

When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear.

  • - Jung's book: "Psychology and Alchemy" (1944) gave his spiritual transformation.
  • - The central concept of the alchemists, the lapis, or stone.
  • - I frequently see extremely vivid hypnagogic images.
  • - Loyola's Spiritual Exercises - "Anima Christi" - the analogy of Christ with the aurum non vulgi and the viriditas of the alchemists.
  • - The alchemists were after philosophic gold.
  • - The green gold is the living quality - the anima mundi - Anthropos
  • - The filius macrocosmi - the Christ
  • - Jung's book "Aion" is about Christ's star.
  • - Egypt's Horus was about Jesus Christ - part of "Zeitgeist" - opposed to Augustus
  • - Jung said that the hope of Christ is expressed in the UFO phenomenon.
  • - Transference, the problem of therapy, was treated by the alchemists as "coniunctio".
  • - That Given was heralded by dreams.
  • - Christ is the fish (ichthys).
  • - Jung's wife made her lifes work seeking the Holy Grail. Jung's book "Aion" is about symbols.
  • - Not all men can receive this precept, but only those to whom it is given. Matthew 19:11
  • - The theriomorphic attributes of the gods.
  • - Fish lab is the symbol for the "cure of souls".
  • - And just as the wounder wounds himself, so the healer heals himself.
  • - The decisive activity is carried out by the dead upon the dead.
  • - Poltergeist phenomena usually takes place in the vicinity of young people before puberty.
  • - In "Aion": I had attempted to explan how the appearance of Christ coincided with the beginning of a new aeon, the age of the Fishes.
  • - A synchronicity exists between the life of Christ and the objective astronomical event, the entrance of the spring equinox into the sign of Pisces. Christ is therefore the "Fish" (just as Hammurabi before him was the "Ram"), and comes forth as the ruler of the new aeon.
  • - I really ought to say a great deal more, or a great deal less.
  • - The essays in this book are mostly contained in volumes 8, 9(i), and 11 of the Collected Works.
  • - Look into my ideas!
  • - For commitment to the contents of the unconscious forms the man and produces his transformations.
  • - The Works - Their source was a fateful compulsion.
  • - I have been impelled to say what no one wants to hear.
  • - He lived near water, in a round house.
  • - Paintings of Jung on his tower room's walls tell of possible out-of-body experiences."Things which have carried me out-of-time into seclusion."
  • - It took Jung 12 years to complete the four quarters of his house.(resembling a mandala with a central tower)
  • - He called his home: "a symbol of psychic wholeness".
  • - The noted alchemist Arnaldus de Villanova died in 1313.
  • - The alchemist's stone, the lapis, which is despised and rejected. (Lapis lazuli?)
  • - Merlin's life in the forest - men still hear his cries - his story not yet finished.
  • - Merlin like Parsifal like Mercurius of Alchemy. - Then Merlin was taken up again in my psychology of the unconscious; and remains uncomprehended to this day!
  • - Jung's daughter inherited her ESP from Jung's grandmother on my mother's side.
  • - Jung's family crest was a phoenix. - The Christian and Dionysian elements, so cross and grapes are symbols of the heavenly and the chthonic spirit. The uniting symbol is the gold star, the aurum philosophorum.
  • - Book: "Theatrum Chemicum of 1602" (Dorneus) The Pharmacology of Paracelsus: "De Vita Longa".
  • - Alchemy of opposite symbols
  • - A collective problem, if not recognized as such, always appears as a personal problem.
  • - Telethorus of Asklepios was a pointer of the way.
  • - Faust was made to utter, "Two souls, alas, are housed within my breast."
  • - Wotan, the god of ecstasy.
  • - Our souls as well as our bodies are composed of individual elements which were all already present in the ranks of our ancestors.
  • - All haste is of the devil.
  • - A vision such as will come to one who undertakes, deliberately, with half-closed eyes and somewhat closed ears, to see and hear the form and voice of being. - If our impressions are too distinct, we are held to the hour and minute of present.
  • - Manichaean fragments from Turfan
  • - A mandala: A citadel surrounded by a square wall with four gates.
  • - Holderlin: Where danger is, there is salvation also.
  • - What has apparently been lost does not come to the fore again without sufficient reason. - Relates to the whole psyche - it is all purposeful and has meaning - noting the phenomena - this clash with the shadow. - Historical parallels
  • - Jung was Swiss
  • - Let Aristotle, the Pueblo Indians thought with their heart, and rightly so.
  • - Historical images arose out of the shapeless mist.
  • P248- Pueblo Indians: The Sun, their Father - on the rolling plateau of Taos, at 7000 feet.
  • - The Pueblo were very secretive about religion.
  • - The Sun: He cannot even build his fire without him. The Sun is God.
  • - Do you not think that all life comes from the mountain?
  • - Concerning their kiva rituals: What we do - everyone benefits by it. If we were to cease practicing our religion, in ten years the sun would no longer rise.
  • - A new day leading to new shores.
  • - But since the whites were in Africa, he said, no one had dreams any more.
  • - Adhista - that is, the sun at the moment of rising. Only then was the Sun Mungu, God.
  • - the first delicate golden crescent of the new moon in the purple of the western sky was also God. But only at that time; otherwise not. (Elgonyi ceremony)
  • - The moment in which light comes is God. That moment brings redemption, release.
  • - The longing for light is the longing for conscious- ness.
  • - sandfly fever which probably reduced my psychic re- sistance.
  • - The sculptured cynocephali (dog-faced baboons) of Abu Simbel.
  • - The myths of Horus is the age-old story of the newly risen divine light.
  • - Nirdvandva, the liberation from opposites, and from the ten thousand things.
  • - A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them. (Next door)
  • - The stupas of Sanchi, where Buddha delivered his fire sermon.
  • - There are four elaborate gates on the walls sur- rounding the stupa. You come in by one of these and the path turns to the left, then leads into a clock- wise circumambulation around the stupa.
  • - Buddhas at each of the four cardinal points.
  • - Gongs: The rhythm of the age-old prayer "Om mani padme hum".
  • - That by overcoming the Nidana-chain every human being could become an illuminate.
  • - You are gods! (John 10:34)
  • - The Grail in alchemy: Unum vas, the una medicina, and the unus lapis.
  • - Small and slight, but great in might, the veiled Kabir enters a new house.
  • - The healing vessel, the servator Mundi
  • - In Sri Lanka it rains from a clear sky between five and six PM daily.
  • - In the hills - Kandy, the old royal city.
  • - Dalada-Maligawa Temple as the Buddha's tooth. Also kept here are the texts of the Buddhist canon en- graved on silver leaves.
  • - The drum speaks the ancient language of the belly and solar plexus. (Engenders)
  • - I had an old Merian Bible in my library.
  • - In Ravenna, Jung saw mosaics with a lady; they were non-existant.
  • - The anima is all life that has been in the past and is still alive in him.
  • - Pompeii: The impressions very nearly exceeded my powers of receptivity.
  • - Jung had visions when near death, he received "camphor injections".
  • - (After projecting 1000 miles out in space, he found himself standing, facing North. A meteorite floating near him had a temple on it. At the gate sat a Hindu in lotus. This refers to the incident where his doctor took his place in death.)
  • - The Greek Isle of Kos has ruins of the Temple of Asklepios.
  • - The painful process of defoliation had been in vain. (Near death)
  • - Now I must return to the "box system" again. - Hung up in a box by a thread. (Soul)
  • - When anyone appears in his primal form it means he is going to die. Jung's doctor died in his stead on April 4, 1944.
  • - Pardes Rimmonim, the garden of pomergranates.
  • - The Cabbalist concerned the Bridal Chamber.
  • - My beatitude was that of a blissful wedding. - I myself was the "Marriage of the Lamb".
  • - Usually the visions lasted for about an hour.
  • - Trade gray for blue!
  • - The odor of sanctity, of the sweet smell of the Holy Ghost.
  • - Holy Spirit: Whose manifestation was the mysterium conjunctionis.
  • - the visions and experiences were utterly real.
  • - I exist simultaneously the day before yesterday, to- day, and the day after tomorrow.
  • - My cousin the medium
  • - Objective cognition - seems to be the central secret
  • - The vision of the end of all things
  • - Not opinion after these experiences.
  • - Expect mistakes along the path of individuation.
  • - Anyone who takes the sure road is as good as dead.
  • - Don't meddle with Fate.
  • - Consider synchronistic phenomena, premonitions and dreams that come true.
  • - Frequently foreknowledge is there, but not recognition.
  • - I have a myth which encourages me to look deeper into this whole realm. Myths are the earliest form of science.
  • - The further the distance from the consciousness the more timeless and spaceless.
  • P305- For immediately after death people had to give ac- counts of the total experience of their lives.
  • - Quite early I had learned that it was necessary for me to instruct the figures of the unconscious and spirits of the departed.
  • - The conversation was conducted in Latin.
  • - All-knowing - omniconsciousness - could flow only into the psyche of the living, into a soul bound to a body.
  • - The three-dimensional world in time and space is like a system of co-ordinances.
  • - Interupt dreams by the method of the necessary statement. - Amplification - but can most easily be demonstrated by the statements implicit in simple whole numbers.
  • - One, as the first numeral, is unity.
  • - It is a property of the number four that equations of the fourth degree can be solved, whereas equations of the fifth degree cannot.
  • - The number four: It is an apex and simultaneously the end of a preceeding ascent.
  • - The properties even of its first ten members (numbers) represent - an abstract cosmogony derived from the monad.
  • - Simultaneously properties of matter (numbers)
  • - Matter: Certain equations can anticipate its behavior. - Implicit in nature
  • - The dead were taken by - the Wild Huntsman or Wearer of the Green Hat in January - Wotan - a Mercury or Hermes - Merlin - the sought after arcanum of the alchemist.
  • - I will bring with me what I have done.
  • - The cerebral cortex, the seat of consciousness.
  • - I am projected by the magic lantern as C. G. Jung.
  • - Facing me sat a yogi, in lotus posture. - He has a dream, and I am it.
  • - Mandala symbols: circular and quaternary figures which express wholeness.
  • - Our world, the field of light centered upon the focal point of the ego.
  • - As a rule the images of the unconscious are not produced by consciousness.
  • - Apparent reality is constructed for a specific purpose.
  • - According to the ancient Christian view, self-knowledge is the road to knowledge of God.
  • - We must fix our interest on the infinite.
  • - Only consciousness of our narrow confinement in the self forms the forms the link to the limitlessness of the unconscious.
  • - Uniqueness and limitation are synonymous.
  • - Our task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious.
  • - Angels are soul-less beings, projected by God.
  • - Light is followed by shadow, the other side of the Creator.
  • - Naked evil has assumed apparently permanent form in the Russian Nation.
  • - Dismiss evil by circumlocution.
  • P328- Christ became the "Summum bonum".
  • - Evil, the privatio boni.
  • - Until at the end of the second millennium the out- lines of a universal catastrophe became apparent.
  • - Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, or morphine or idealism.
  • - We cannot believe that we will always judge rightly. (Comparative good and evil)
  • - Moral judgment is bad phycologically.
  • - Wrongs we have done, thought, or intended will wreak its vengeance on our souls.
  • - To know Truth: There must be a spontaneous and decisive impulse on the part of the unconscious.
  • - The only ray of light is Pius XII and his dogma.
  • - Be ye therefore wise as serpents.
  • - The filiato - sonship of God
  • - Book of Enoch, which belongs to immediate pre- Christian times.
  • - The mandala is an archetypal image.
  • - Phychic cleavage
  • - UFO's as psychic symbols of the mandala.
  • - The solution - appears out of nature.
  • - The simplest (mental) division of the circle, the quadrant or, as the case may be, the cross.
  • - at the end of our aeon of the Fishes.
  • - Aquarius: The Water Bearer seems to represent the self.
  • - Piscis austrinus, which symbolizes a son.
  • - After the passage of another aeon of more than two thousand years - comes Capricorn - symbolizing the mountains and the depths of the sea. - Image of a Creator-god
  • - The Word: Confronts us spontaneously and places obligations on us.
  • - than the possession of a secret which the individual is pledged to guard.
  • - The Rosicrucians have "pseudo-secrets".
  • - But anyone who attempts to do both, to adjust to his group and at the same time pursue his individual goal, becomes neurotic.
  • - Just as all energy proceeds from opposition, so the psyche too possesses its inner polarity.
  • - The psyche: A flow of energy between two poles.
  • - If a man knows more than others, he becomes lonely.
  • - (Freud placed his place in society over his own understanding!)
  • - (Freud's "Dreams" could concern numbers.)
  • - Freud's dreams book was his lifes work. - He expected death between sixty-one and sixty-two years of age.
  • - (Freud and Jung were comical in their mental sparring.)
  • - Jung seemed to like Freud's "Dementia" best.
  • - America: Here an ideal potentiality of life has become reality.
  • - In 1909 Jung thought American women were badly off.
  • - Only the forbidden attracts.
  • - In the morning the great god rises and fills both horizons with his joy and power.
  • - There are many Roman ruins at Tunis.
  • - At Sousse he found the scene he had painted!
  • - You can still buy the amphorae of antiquity.
  • - "I Ching" or "Book of Changes", a book of Chinese wisdom and oracles. 4000 BC The book has a riddle? The oracles work! Bundle of 49 stalks. - Magic spells - Taoist "I Ching" translated by Richard Wilhelm
  • - Wilhelm surpassed Jung in certain areas.
  • - psychology of the I Ching
  • - Like India, China had yoga.
  • - Jung called "I Ching": This profoundest work of the Orient.
  • - An old sage died after helping the translation.
  • - Wilhelm and Jung suffered the clash of the unconscious with the conscious.
  • - Danger: There is, as Goethe puts it in Foust, an untrodden, untreadable region whose precincts cannot and should not be entered by force; a destiny which will brook no human intervention.
  • - This that follows comes from the "Seven Sermons to the Dead".
  • - Thought estrangeth from being.
  • - Moreover god is the pleroma itself, as likewise each smallest point in the created and the uncreated is the pleroma itself.
  • - To god, therefore, always belongeth the devil.
  • - God: We name it by its name Abraxas. - We name god Helios or Sun. Abraxas is effect. It is force, duration, change.
  • - The sun hath a definite, and so hath the devil.
  • - It is Priopos.
  • - God dwelleth behind the sun.
  • P384- The Chorus of the toads and frogs ascends at noon and midnight.
  • - Eros the burning one is the Tree of Life.
  • - Each star is a god.
  • - Four is the number of the principle gods, as four is the number of the world's measurements. One is the god-sun; two is Eros (binded twain); three is the Tree of Life, for it filleth space with bodily forms; four is the devil.
  • - But woe onto you, who replace these incompatible many by a single god.
  • - For the gods are many, whilst men are few.
  • - For redeemtion's sake I teach you the rejected truth, for the sake of which I was rejected.
  • - Man shareth in the nature of the gods.
  • - The god-sun is the supreme lord of that world.
  • - The devil is the earth-world's lowest lord, the moon-spirit, satellite of the earth, smaller, colder, and more dead than the earth.
  • - The celestial gods magnify, the earth-gods diminish.
  • - He calls spirituality the celestial mother.
  • - Man to the greater, woman to the smaller.
  • - Man is a gateway - out of the greater into the smaller world.
  • - Already is he behind you.
  • - (At this point in my notes a large anagramma was given.)
  • - Animus - anima remain in place between individual consciousness and the collective unconscious. - A bridge, a door to images.
  • - Hierosgamos - Sacred or spiritual marriage, union of archetypeal figures in the rebirth mysteries of antiquity and also in alchemy.
  • - Marriage of Christ and the church, compares to the alchemcal conjunction of sun and moon.
  • - Archetypes underlie the feeling-toned complexes.
  • - Inflation: An exaggerated sense of one's self- importance and is usually compensated by feelings of inferiority.
  • - Mana is compared to PSI or psychic energy.
  • - The mandala represents the psychic process of centering. - Also 4 - magic circle - also the square (a center with 4 cardinal points) each quadrant with its specific content.
  • - There are four ways of spiritual development.
  • - The ideal of Completeness is the circle or sphere, but its natural minimal division is a quarternity.- It often has a 3 + 1 structure.
  • - The self is our life's goal.

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