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17. In the one before this we find in the land of the Ohlms* [Aymaras?]. The entity [was] among those that warred against the invaders from over the seas, and the entity gained and lost through that experience. GAINING in giving service to the ones about same. Losing in the applying of vengeance to those that were taken captive. In the urge is seen that - while not holding malice, yet the tinge of vengeance often appears, and the love of the seeing suffering, in a manner, for those who err.

- "though the Incals were themselves the successors of those of Oz, or Og, in the Peruvian land, and Mu in the southern portions of that now called California and Mexico and southern New Mexico. "

* [GD's note: Ohlms, Ohum, Ohms, Uhum, Ohm, Ohlm - all these spellings were used in the early readings, in fact in all the readings, for a period which apparently coincided with Atlantis and preceded the Inca. We finally came to believe that the period was that of the Aymaras, about which people little is known except that it [the period] preceded the Inca civilization.]

[In the language of the Lenape, the word "Ohum" or a slight variant, means 'those from the Grandmother's land', considered to be Lemuria. The other tribes thought of the Lenape as the grandfathers. I think that the Atlanteans referred to the Aymara in the same way. MSW]

[ Phylos, whom Cayce affirmed as remembering lives in Atlantis, stated that Incals were sun worshippers, or actually Law of One refugees from Atlantis, who settled in their colony of Peru.]

18. In the one before this we find in that land known as the Atlantean. The entity [was] among those of the teachers who brought much to the peoples of that period, gaining throughout that experience in the earth's plane, and in the name Azuhi.

19. In the abilities of the entity there is seen, through the comparison of that given and experienced, and as latent in the urges of the entity desiring of self in service or ministry to others - through what channel shall same be exercised? In that of the minister, through the teachings of Him that gave, "Come unto me and I will give thee rest," for in Him is the way and the light. Seek that way while it may be found, for unto Him that knocketh shall it be opened. Keep thy paths straight, and thy trust in Him alone - for "though all others forsake thee, yet I will bear thee up."

20. As has been seen and given, the life is the reflection of that manifestation in Him, as is seen through the experiences of self as applied to the conditions through which one passes in that merited by the action in self. Keep the heart clean. Let thine heart AND MIND ever be in the Christ.

21. We are through for the present.


2. EC: Yes, we have the subject here, The Lost Continent of Atlantis.

3. As the peoples were a peaceful peoples, their developments took on rather that form - with the developing into the physical material bodies - of the fast development, or to the using of the elements about them to their own use; recognizing themselves to be a part OF that about them. Hence, as to the supplying of that as necessary to sustain physical life as known today, in apparel, or supplying of the bodily needs, these were supplied through the natural elements; and the DEVELOPMENTS came rather in the forms - as would be termed in the PRESENT day - of preparing for those things that would pertain to what would be termed the aerial age, or the electrical age, and supplying then the modes and manners of transposition of those materials about same that did not pertain to themselves bodily; for of themselves was transposed, rather by that ability lying within each to be transposed in thought as in body.

4. In these things, then, did Amilius [?] see the beginning of, and the abilities of, those of his own age, era, or period, not only able to build that as able to transpose or build up the elements about them but to transpose them bodily from one portion of the universe to the other, THROUGH the uses of not only those RECENTLY re-discovered gases, and those of the electrical and aeriatic formations - in the breaking up of the atomic forces to produce impelling force to those means and modes of transposition, or of travel, or of lifting large weights, or of changing the faces or forces of nature itself, but with these transpositions, with these changes that came in as personalities, we find these as the Sons of the Creative Force as manifest in their experience looking upon those changed forms, or the daughters of men, and there crept in those pollutions, of polluting themselves with those mixtures that brought contempt, hatred, bloodshed, and those that build for desires of self WITHOUT respects of OTHERS' freedom, others' wishes - and there began, then, in the latter portion of this period of development, that that brought about those of dissenting and divisions among the peoples in the lands.

With the attempts of those still in power, through those lineages of the pure, that had kept themselves intact as of the abilities of forces as were manifest IN their activities, these BUILDED rather those things that ATTEMPTED to draw BACK those peoples; through first the various changes or seasons that came about, and in the latter portion of the experience of Amilius [?] was the first establishing of the altars upon which the sacrifices of the field and the forest, and those that were of that that SATISFIED the desires of the physical body, were builded.

5. Then, with the coming in or the raising up of Esai [?], with the change that had come about, began in that period when there were the invasions of this continent by those of the animal kingdoms, that brought about that meeting of the nations of the globe to PREPARE a way and manner of disposing of, else they be disposed of themselves by these forces.

With this coming in, there came then the first of the destructive forces as could be set and then be meted out in its force or power. Hence that as is termed, or its first beginning of, EXPLOSIVES that might be carried about, came with this reign, or this period, when MAN - or MEN, then - began to cope with those of the beast form that OVERRAN the earth in many places. Then, with these destructive forces, we find the first turning of the altar fires into that of sacrifice of those that were taken in the various ways, and human sacrifice began.

With this also came the first egress of peoples to that of the Pyrenees first, OF which later we find that peoples who enter into the black or the mixed peoples, in what later became the Egyptian dynasty. We also find that entering into Og, or those peoples that later became the beginning of the Inca, or Ohum [Aymara'?], that builded the walls across the mountains in this period, through those same usages of that as had been taken on by those peoples; and with the same, those that made for that in the other land, became first those of the mound dwellers, or peoples in that land.

With the continued disregard of those that were keeping the pure race and the pure peoples, of those that were to bring all these laws as applicable to the Sons of God, man brought in the destructive forces as used for the peoples that were to be the rule, that combined with those natural resources of the gases, of the electrical forces, made in nature and natural form the first of the eruptions that awoke from the depth of the slow cooling earth, and that portion now near what would be termed the Sargasso Sea first went into the depths.

With this there again came that egress of peoples that aided, or attempted to assume control, yet carrying with them ALL those forms of Amilius [?] that he gained through that as for signs, for seasons, for days, for years. Hence we find in those various portions of the world even in the present day, some form of that as WAS presented by those peoples in THAT great DEVELOPMENT in this, the Eden of the world.

6. In the latter portion of same we find as CITIES were builded more and more rare became those abilities to call upon rather the forces in nature to supply the needs for those of bodily adornment, or those of the needs to supply the replenishing of the wasting away of the physical being; or hunger arose, and with the determinations to set again in motion, we find there - then Ani [?]

[See the name ANI mentioned on pp. 6, 57, 187 and 324 of the book, MYTHS & LEGENDS OF ANCIENT EGYPT, by Lewis Spence.] [GD's note: I put a question mark because I didn't know whether this was the correct spelling or not.],

in those latter periods, ten thousand seven hundred (10,700) years before the Prince of Peace came - again was the bringing into forces that to TEMPT, as it were, nature - in its storehouse - of replenishing the things - that of the WASTING away in the mountains, then into the valleys, then into the sea itself, and the fast disintegration of the lands, as well as of the peoples - save those that had escaped into those distant lands.

7. How, then, may this be applicable to our present day understanding? As we see the effects as builded in that about the sacred fires, as through those of Hermes, those of Arart, those of the Aztec, those of Ohum [Aymara'?], each in their respective sphere CARRYING some portion of these blessings - when they are kept in accord and PURE with those through which the channels of the blessings, of the Creative Forces, may manifest. So, we find, when we apply the lessons in the day - would ye be true, keep that EVERY WHIT thou KNOWEST to do within thine own heart! Knowing, as ye USE that as is KNOWN, there is given the more and more light to know from whence ye came and whither ye go!

8. Ready for questions.

9. (Q) Please give a description of the earth's surface as it existed at the time of Atlantis' highest civilization, using the names of continents, oceans and sections of same as we know them today?

(A) As to the highest point of civilization, this would first have to be determined according to the standard as to which it would be judged - as to whether the highest point was when Amilius [?] ruled with those understandings, as the one that understood the variations, or whether they became man made, would depend upon whether we are viewing from a spiritual standpoint or upon that as a purely material or commercial standpoint; for the variations, as we find, extend over a period of some two hundred thousand years (200,000) - that is, as light years - as known in the present - and that there were MANY changes in the surface of what is now called the earth. In the first, or greater portion, we find that NOW known as the southern portions of South America and the Arctic or North Arctic regions, while those in what is NOW as Siberia - or that as of Hudson Bay - was rather in that region of the tropics, or that position now occupied by near what would be as the same LINE would run, of the southern Pacific, or central Pacific regions - and about the same way. Then we find, with this change that came first in that portion, when the first of those peoples used that as prepared FOR the changes in the earth, we stood near the same position as the earth occupies in the present - as to Capricorn, or the equator, or the poles. Then, with that portion, THEN the South Pacific, or Lemuria [?], began its disappearance - even before Atlantis, for the changes were brought about in the latter portion of that period, or what would be termed ten thousand seven hundred (10,700) light years, or earth years, or present setting of those, as set by Amilius [?] - or Adam.

10. We are through for the present.


28. Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land when there were those periods of the last upheavals, or the disappearance of the isles of Poseidia.

29. The entity was among those groups that went into what later became known as the Inca. For the entity then was in the line of the house of Inca, and was the mother of an Inca in the Peruvian land as called in the present.

30. The name then was Secunduca.

31. As to the abilities of the entity, then:

32. Learn, first, thyself. Apply thyself in Creative forces; in writing, in ministering to the needs of all peoples; as a speaker, as a writer, the entity may find the greater outlet for its abilities in the present.

33. Know thyself and in what ye believe. Seek the spirit, seek the purpose, if the body would be expressive.


44. Before that we find the entity was in the Atlantean land, during those periods when there were the beginnings of the exodus owing to the destructive forces that had been begun by the sons of Belial.

45. The entity was among the Princes of the land that made for the separating of those influences wherein there might be established the journeyings to other lands, with the keepings of records, with the permanent establishments of activities that have become a part of that ye call civilization in the present time.

46. Hence we find the entity making for the establishments in the Yucatan, in the Luzon, in what became the Inca, in the North American land, and in what later became the land of the Mound Builders in Ohio; also the establishments of those activities in the upper portion of what is now the eastern portion of the land.

47. The entity then was not only one skilled in aircraft and in watercraft, as an aviator and a navigator, but made great strides in keeping in touch with other lands through the forces of nature in the experience.

48. Hence those things of nature that have to do with communications become a part of the entity's experience.

49. The imaginations of tales as of travel, the activities that have to do with strange lands, strange people, strange customs, become as a portion of the innate forces.

50. And from those very influences may there arise later in this experience those activities that may bring again renown to the entity in this experience.

51. Then the name was Ex-Cex.


36. Before that the entity was in the Peruvian land, as now called, where there were those activities that followed the disturbances from the destruction of the Atlantean land.

37. The entity was among those very close to the Inca that ruled during that experience.

38. Thus we find the desires latent, that are expressed in the spiritual emotions as a worshiper of those things just above the entity - in mind, in person, in position, in problems. For, the entity led those who prepared the soil for providing the provisions, and also the mining and mineral interests of the land, as well as the building and constructive forces.

39. For, the entity then was one upon whom the Inca depended for the relationships with the masses of the peoples.

40. The name then was Omhar.

41. Before that the entity was active when there were those first separations of the sons of those who were saved at the periods when the ark settled upon Ararat, and when the divisions arose just before the activities in the tower of Babel.

42. We find the entity attempted to create the better relationships with the various groups of individuals, and those who sought to make for disturbances that brought dissensions among the sons of Noah. For, the entity attempted to carry on those tenets and conditions which had been presented by his grandfather Noah in that period.

43. Yet the entity was overridden by those of power, might and position.

44. Hence latently, though he may find expression in over- activity, we find that the entity feels himself a little bit beneath that he attempts to gain.

45. The name then was Jeurepth.


37. Before that we find the entity was in what is now known as or called the Egyptian land, during those periods when many of those from the Atlantean land came to the Egyptian land.

38. It was when there were turmoils and strifes among the natives, and when there were the beginnings of the reconstruction later and the aiding of those that were making for the rejuvenating and correlating of the tenets from India, Mongolia, the Inca, the Iodians (?), even from the northern lands - or Auk (?).

39. The entity then was of the Atlantean peoples that rose by the aid as brought by the leaders of the Atlanteans, in coordinating with the Priest of Egypt. And the entity, with the abilities in its speech with many, made for the correlating of those tenets in many lands for the BEAUTIFUL portions of their temple service, their political activities, and the relationships of same to those in the varied lands.

40. The name was first Aslelea; when beginning in the Egyptian activities, with the travels throughout the many portions of the lands, it was then changed to Hat-She-Poi; meaning, 'She that bound those together for oneness of activity.'



1. GC: You will have before you the enquiring mind and development of [1637], ..., N.Y.C., and his desire for knowledge respecting Inca treasure. Also the outline which has been furnished him, a copy of which I hold in my hand. Considering all the circumstances involved in such, give him such advice and counsel as will be a development for him at this time; answering the specific questions which may be asked.

2. EC: We have the body, the enquiring mind, [1637].

3. In giving advice or counsel in these particular experiences of this entity, much of that which forms the background of the entity in its experiences through the earth should be taken into consideration, - as well as that desire toward the peoples of that vicinity or sphere of activity, and as to what might be accomplished.

4. That there is within the experience of the entity, [1637], the knowledge and experience latent yet very positive and very concrete, is indicated not only by the innate interest felt - and indicated - but in the abilities of the entity to arouse in the consciousness of those peoples, in their environment, a desire, a call for leadership, in such an one as the entity.

5. Then as to manners and means or ways, and whyfores:

6. As we find, the only manner in which CONSISTENCY and persistency may be given in doing that as would enable the entity not only through its own inner self but through the helps as may be obtained in the very environs in which this treasure may be sought, appears to be:

7. The entity prepare himself, first, as a material channel through which aid may be given to those peoples of the land and of those environs; in ministering to the physical needs of the individuals, of the natives and the peoples of the environ.

8. Then, too, give self in such a service; not with the singleness of purpose that the treasure is to be located AND that it is to be used by self in the exploiting of an ideal or of any people, - other than they to whom it rightfully belongs - and in making their material lot easier.

9. And if this is then done, and some ten to fifteen years of service spent by the entity in the environ, there may be not only gained the location and the treasures of the storehouse of the entity's own self and peoples, but a training, an activity that will enable the entity to be of a greater service to his fellow men of EVERY land. Not only in the manner of administering to their physical needs, their bodily wants as to physical healing, but as to much of that which is as a lost civilization, - wherein there was the use of much of the knowledge which WAS a part of the ancestors of this ancient peoples.

10. To attempt to give or to make only an expedition would not only be foolhardy but contrary to the real, the deep convictions within the heart and soul of the entity itself; and thus the entity becoming as it were untrue to its own conviction.

11. Then, to prepare self, and to live among and with and for them, enabling them to meet their own problems; not only in the political and in the general social conditions which exist among them, but in enabling them to catch a vision also of that which is the answer in the heart of each Inca - that in Him, the Son, is indeed the great Inca! This is the manner, as we find.

12. Ready for questions.

13. (Q) Correct inaccuracies in present guide [See 1637-2, Par. B2], which I hold in my hand.

(A) Answering such questions would be, as we have indicated, only trespassing - unless the activities, the desires are according to that which prompts the entity to seek to aid and help this people.

14. (Q) Give latitude and longitude of object of quest.
(A) This is indicated by rather the very country, the very lands of this strange yet very sincere peoples; rather than the location of either the SOURCES of supply or that which was and is part of cache.

15. (Q) What is total value?

(A) What is the value of a soul? Then multiply that by the many that may be aided by such a service! Enter not, my son, lest thou indeed desire to again lead thy people, thy brethren, to a greater concept of a living God!

16. We are through for the present.


27. Before that we find the entity was in the land of the present nativity, during those periods when there were the spreadings of those teachings that had come from the lands from which those peoples came that were known as the Lost Tribes, as well as from Atlantis, Yucatan, the Inca, and the land of On [?]. [Og?]

28. They were portions of the entity's people then, in that part of the land now known as the central portion of Ohio, during the early portion of the Mound Builders.

29. There the entity was a priestess of those peoples that were a part of the experiences there of those peoples. For while confusions arose from the tenets of the Hebraic as well as the Atlantean, as well as the Inca, these became centralized or localized in the expressions of those peoples and those groups in that particular period of their activity.

30. Yet the greater blessings that the entity in its activity rendered the people in that experience were in the building of individual homes.

31. And this will become a part of the entity's experience in this sojourn. For within the next two and a half to three years there should come into the experience that association, the relations with one who was as a helpmeet to the entity during that sojourn.

32. For, as has been indicated from the innate experience as well as from the longings within, a home - HOME - with all its deeper, inner meanings, is a portion of the entity's desire; to know, to experience, to have the "feel" of, to have the surroundings of that implied by the word HOME! Is it any wonder then that in all of thy meditation, Ohm - O-h-m-mmmmm has ever been, is ever a portion of that which raises self to the highest influence and the highest vibrations throughout its whole being that may be experienced by the entity?

33. Thus does it behoove the entity to find in those activities that which will bring about in the experience that which will make HOME - HOME - as a REALITY; close to nature. Not in the strife and turmoil, not in cities, not where there are the surroundings of those forces that bespeak of the commercial life, but that as of NATURE! That as was given by the entity then as the priestess of those peoples, that made for the dedicating of their lives, that which would bring into the experience of each soul its relationships to NATURE as it manifests itself in its defiance of, in its laws with, in its beauties of, in its troubles with humankind; as it meets same in the rain, the sun, the storm, the dew, the beauty of the sun and the moon and all the glories of nature itself become rather as the song of the entity in its experience; when the sons of God with the voices of the winds sang together of the heralding of the glory of the noonday to the sons of God! That became as the chant of the entity in that experience, in the name Tulu.

34. In the application of same, much might be said in these directions. For these become so much a portion of the entity; and in those closer relationships with nature, with heaven, with the earth, with all the toils and troubles of same, with all the activities that come with same may be found the greater peace and harmony.

35. For what becometh to this soul that seeks so beautiful and joyous as the music in the rain or in the babbling brook or in the moonlight or in the noonday sun or in the beauty of the rose or the smile of the child! These become as those that give to the entity the greater expressions of the love of a merciful heavenly Father. For they bespeak of the promise of the rest of a home, of an ohm [?] with Him.

36. Before that we find the entity was in the land now known as the Inca or Peruvian or Ecuador land, during those periods when the people from On (?) [Aymaras] and Og were making for so many changes, - by the disturbing forces which arose from individuals who came into the land from the Atlantean land, as well as those who were to journey for the establishing of activities in what is now the Yucatan land.

37. The entity then was a princess, and a daughter of one of the rulers associated with the one [470] who with so many wives (of which the entity was one) made for both good and bad.

38. Hence the entity was given to the keeping in line with the activities of those who were to establish new outlying districts. Hence the beauty of the entity, as well as its associations of power and strength, made for those activities in the Yucatan land - with those of the Atlanteans as well as those from the land of Og and On - that brought about a great advancement.

39. Through those experiences the entity advanced far because of its abilities in judgement as drawn from nature, as well as from the signs of the heavens and those activities that same bear upon the influencing of man, - as well as the seasons and the crops and the like, that were a part of the dependence of each people during those periods.

40. The entity gained throughout that experience, yet - with the regenerating, or the degrading as it became later, to those sacrifices that took hold of the offering of bodily forces, - these became a torment.


36. Before that the entity was in the land of the present nativity, during those ages when there were those of the Inca land journeying to the lands of the entity's present nativity.

37. There the entity found the activities in associations with the sacredness of the Inca and its teachings; its considerations of man in all of the relationships with man's material and mental endeavors; and yet the place of all the metals, the foods, the activities that are a portion of man's evolution in the appreciation of the gifts from the Creative Forces.

38. For, the entity then was among the priestesses of the Incas, - in the name Telequal. In the experience the entity gained, for it was as a messenger of love to the peoples in the many stages and developments of the peoples of that land.

39. Hence in the present the entity bears to its own people a station, a relationship to those of many lands, to people of many climes, as to be a helpful influence in the affairs of many.

40. Thus again we find the opportunities that become a part of the entity's experience. Thus may the entity find in its activities in this material plane that in acting in the capacity of the representative of many peoples, and the needs of many peoples in the various lands and their relationships with others, the entity may meet not only the needs of many in this changing world but may stand as an emblem of that which is good and holy, that partakes of the Creative Influences which are a part of the experience of those who love the ways of the Lord.

41. Then, as an emissary of a land, or of many varied lands, the entity may find an outlet for its activities, - in that close akin to the diplomatic activities and relationships of lands one to another.


28. Before that we find the entity was in the land now known as the Atlantean, when there were the disturbances upon which those divisions arose.

29. The entity then took the part of those who later became the heads of those that warred against those of the Law of One, and then in the name of Sululon - as would be termed in the present.

30. In those experiences the entity made for destructive forces in the early experiences, yet with those activities that brought about the union in body with one of the daughters of the Law of One, the entity then become to each group as one set apart. For the teachers of the Law of One were afraid of the ability, while those that were of the sons of Belial were afraid of the entity becoming what would be termed in the present as a traitor.

31. Hence throughout those periods the entity became then THAT ONE that led the first establishing of the activity in the varied lands that came to be known as later the Mayan, the Yucatan, the Inca, the Peruvian - and LATER the Mound Builders in the northern portions of the entity's present sojourn. [Ohio?]

32. Not that the entity remained there, but established those activities which has become a part of the entity by those divisions.

33. Hence we find in these three expeditions or experiences, while the principles are the same, the expressions of same are in varying MANNERS of manifestation, coming from the one MENTAL or PHYSICAL BEING'S mind - for a development. Or as called by many, as may be in the present, a meddler with things that to many are dangerous.


20. Before this (among those appearances that have an influence in the present) we find the entity was in the land of its present nativity, in what is now known as the southernmost portion - or in Florida; during those periods when there were those settlings from the Yucatan, from the lands of On (?) or the Inca, from the Norse land, when there were the beginners of the Mound Builders and those that gathered upon what is now the east portion of Alabama and Florida - though it was quite different then in its structure, outwardly.

21. The entity's sojourns then were with those of a race of unusual height, unusual proportions to what might be termed in the present. For they were then the lords of the land, as would be termed, that issued to the other lands, the other environs about same, the instructions for their moral, their religious, their penal codes.

22. Then the entity was among those that were the more lenient in that lording; for the entity sought rather to bring that activity, that development where all under the Lord - as law - are ONE.

23. Hence the experiences were made to become rather severe, rather strained in those activities. For there were the harkenings to those periods that stand first in the experience of the entity in the present, as well as those sojourns in Egypt and Atlantis and those activities that brought the lack of consideration of those that were - STILL in THOSE experiences in Egypt and Atlantis - with their beast appendages, their hindrances; which made for that which has been and is so much a part of the animal, that has signified and does signify the very natures of same.

24. Those the entity abhorred, as in the present - yet so little apparently gained, yet how great in the soul's developments itself!

25. The name then was what would be termed in the present Alta, that meant a NEW life!

26. In the application of that experience in the present sojourn, the entity will find its desire to bring the greater consciousness of the healing forces within the body-mind and consciousness of individuals to aid themselves. And from the divine within rather than from the outer forces; while the outer forces are divine when and if they are applied with the glory to the Creator rather than to the self-knowledge of man!


23. Before that we find the entity was in the land now known as the Yucatan or Central America, when there were those activities by those peoples who came from the Inca or the land of Og and the Atlantean land; when there were the attempts to reestablish those activities of not only the older portions of the Atlantean civilization but also of those who sojourned in that particular experience.

24. The entity was raised to that one in authority as an ACTIVE priest, furnishing the activities in the temples (that are beginning to be uncovered in the present).

25. From those very associations we find arising in the present those peculiar interests the entity has had in the occult and the mysterious and the mysteries of life.

26. These become an innate desire. Hence if these are made to become in all experiences not as a mere gratification of pleasure but such as to bring hope and joy and peace into the experiences of others, these may be turned into channels in which they become as stepping-stones for greater understanding, greater material as well as mental successes.

27. For success, remember, ever is a mental state of any individual, and depends upon the ideal that is set - or the standard of excellency.

28. In the experience then the entity was known as Guloupo; and the entity gained and lost, gained and lost - gained because of those activities in which hope was brought into the experience - lost because in the latter portion the activities were turned into those for self-indulgences and self-glorification, and brought distresses into the experiences of many.

29. Beware that a worse fate does not befall thee in the present, then, by making applications of self in that as will become a hopeful experience in the lives of those who are dependent upon the entity not only for the material things but for the ability of the entity to create hope within the mental self - which is in every entity and in every soul (the Mind) the Builder.

30. And as the entity's abilities are in those activities that make for concentrating of thought, let these be of constructive natures.


17. Then, we find the entity was in the Egyptian land when there were those disturbing factors owing to the activities and uprisings of the Natives, the disturbing forces as created by the activities of the King when changes were made - or the pitting of one against the other of the Natives that had arisen and cried for justice and mercy.

18. The entity then was the mother of that Native [See 900-275] that rose as one to be pitted against the Younger King; in the name then - as would be determined or called in the present - She-Telle.

19. In the experience the entity gained. For only in the latter portion did the entity become able to aid in making it possible for the King (the Older King) to bring about a harmonious gathering over and above the activities of the son and those that were in charge of the buildings and the activities that made for the material progresses during that portion of the experience.

20. That was when there were the settlements and the Priest had become again active in giving the service or principles to not only the Natives but in assisting to bring a greater understanding to all the nations roundabout; when there had been the call for the activities from the teachings of Saneid, from the Pyrenees, from the Mongoloid, from what is now known as Indo-China, the Inca, those peoples that were left of the Atlanteans, the Yucatan, and what is now the American land.

21. Thus the entity will find in the present the interest in building in the hearts of the young, through those activities that may bring hope and those activities of the correct directing that were a part of the activities during that particular period; by those activities of what would be called the school, the medicine, the archaeological, the preparations for emissaries, representatives, teachers, masters.


23. In the one before this, we find in the days when those peoples first came from that shore in now the Peruvian country, to settle the plains of now Southwestern portion of North America. [Peru: Inca? Yucatan?] The entity then among those who were the leaders in this journey for the freedom of the peoples. Hence the entity finds the love of freedom a paramount condition within the inner self, with the willful desire of every entity to express self according to dictates of own self.

24. As to that which the entity may attain in the present earth's plane, as seen, then, necessary, in the physical labors of entity, to do or accomplish much in the present year, would the entity reach anywhere near the goal as set for self, and the establishing of any class, kind, character, of business relation, for self, as leader, head, or guide, this should be done WITHIN the present year; else we would find those influences in the earth's plane at that position of "at-variance" to the best interests in every way.

25. Keeping first that the laws of Him, who gives life abundantly unto all men, should be the first and foremost expression of self in every manner.

26. Do that.

27. We are through for the present.


40. Before that the entity was in the Inca or Peruvian land, when there had been the first of the upheavals in the Atlantean land, and the peoples that journeyed to that portion setting up those activities.

41. Hence the entity - as a priestess there - loves ceremony, and such activities that indicate a preparation through routine or rote.

42. There the entity held high those purposes of the Law of One.

43. The name then was Ip-Bek.


34. Before that the entity was in the Inca land, when the peoples were seeking to establish the activities which had been in the Atlantean land.

35. The entity was in the household then of the Prince of the Incal land, in the name then Tujar. The entity applied self to the edifying of the young, in those activities that today would be termed the building of homes, basket weaving, bookmaking, rug designing; and the patterns of those things for conveniences in the home, the abilities to attend to the weak and disabled, were a part of the entity's experience through that sojourn.

36. And these become a part of the entity's consciousness in the present; song making, especially the pastoral songs, as well as the paintings and the beauty of such. But ever to the entity there must be either the mountain or the sea in the viewing of same.


29. Before that the entity was in the Peruvian land. For, with the first upheavals in Atlantis, the entity was among those who journeyed - though young in years - to what later became the Inca land.

30. All of those things pertaining to mountains, to Atlantean things, to ceremony, to things that have a basis of gold, become of interest to the entity.

31. The name through that experience was Caphala, and the entity was a companion to the leader of those peoples through a portion of their experience there.


24. Before that the entity was in the Inca land when there had been the journeyings of the Atlantean peoples for setting up what later came to be known as the Incal activities.

25. There the entity was a companion of the one that acted in the capacity of a leader in setting up the customs, rituals and activities in that land following the destruction of Atlantis.

26. Thus ceremony, routine and such activities are innately a part of the entity. And at times we find the entity very active in the minutest detail in trying out experimentations both mental and physical; thus making of itself, as it were, an "apt" companion for a student of science in any of its fields of endeavor.

27. The name then was Esema.

28. Before that the entity lived in the earth during those periods when the peoples were separated that prepared for the preserving of the activities in the earth.

29. The entity was the son of Ham (Canaan) that laughed at the weakness of the grandfather. Thus the entity was one of those who occupied the ark, or was in the ark during that period.

30. After the journeys in the ark, the entity set out activities in definite conditions for the establishing of groups in various portions of the land.

31. Thus things that have to do with mechanical things are innately of interest. And the entity gathers those peculiar things or oddities about itself in one respect or another.


7. In the one before this, we find in that period when the Arms [Aymaras? Ohms were?] in that land now known as through [Peru, though] the entity then [was] among those that ruled in the land and being subjugated by the Inco [Inca?] [See 4292-1 Reports] that took possession of the land from those that ruled. The entity then in the name os OO-o-i-u-l [os OOoiul], and the entity lost through this experience, for in that of bringing the wreck of the peoples from the desire to rule brought destructive forces to others and to self. In the urge seen from this experience the entity finds that self becomes wandering in body, mind and in desire. In the abilities and that application in self will be found first in finding self in that way that will bring to self the understanding of self's relation to the all-creative energy and that due to man. In the life there then comes in the present experience that which will bring the entity again into the home ties in the 28th and 9th year.

8. Follow that that may make self one with Him that gave "I am the way, the life, the light, and no man cometh unto the Father but by me."

9. We are through.


17. Before that we find the entity's greater activity was in the Inca Land. The entity was among those who went from the Atlantean land to what is the Peruvian or Incal land.

18. By the very ability and prestige the entity brought new life, new hope, to the people with the journeying from the land before the upheavals.

19. The entity became the leader for, and was interested in, the young people. For the young are the hope of the world.

20. And all sorts and forms, then, as in the activities of young peoples, as scouts, as formation of the 4-H Clubs, all of these are of interest to the entity.

21. In the name then Schiin.


In the one before this, we find in the now Peruvian country, when the peoples were destroyed in the submerging of the land. The entity then in that of the next to the ruler in the Ohlm [Ohm? - Ohum? Aymara?] rule, and in the name of Ormdi, and the entity then gave much to the peoples, especially to those who furnished the building of the lands for the sustenance of the peoples. In that, we find the present urge from same comes to the entity through the desire to understand the position from which any group of peoples desire their cause presented to others.


In the one before this we find in the land of now the Peruvian country, in the second rule of the Ohlms [?] [Aymaras], and the entity then the ruler in that plane, and giving much of the earthly splendor to the country, retarding self in that time through the relations as had with those of the lower class, or caste, and then we find the entity in the name of The Great Ohlm [Aymara]. In this, we find in the present the desire to see much splendor in others, and in many places, yet shunning those of the opposite sex in a manner, yet desiring ever to bask in the better judgment or thought of such people.


Before that we find the entity was in that known as the Atlantean land, during those periods when there were the preparations for those that were of the household of faith, or the Law of One, when there was seen that there were to become the destructive influences that must shatter, must destroy the land, the peoples.

The entity was among those that were to become the emissaries or the sojourners in what is now the Incal land, or the Peruvian land. Later from that sojourn the entity came to what is now the Central American land, aiding in the establishing of not only the tenets but the manners and the forms of worship during those sojourns. The entity was among the princesses of the land, not only of the Atlantean but of the Ohum [Aymaras] and Og lands - and later Muri [?] [Lemuria?]. [Mu?]

In the experience the entity gained throughout, in that it adhered to the Law of One; that there must be the application within self, the same application to the fellow man - for that which is the motivative force in each is of the same source, or one, and brings the ability in associations for the increase to come from constructive or the God-forces in the associations.

Then, as to the abilities of the entity in the present and that to which it may attain, and how:

First, look within self. Know as to what is the motivative influence within self as to the satisfying of self's own desires, as to that which would maintain the Law of One, of truth, of self within self; or is it - the motivative influence avarice, greed, or that which is of self's own desires? Then know that the motivative forces and influences are founded in that set as the Princess of Ohum [Aymaras] and Og, in the name then Issua; which brought that which saved the lands during those experiences. They are not founded in truth unless of that oneness of purpose. This determined within self, then know that as ye apply that ye know day by day in thy activities with thy fellow man these make for contentments in no matter what state of mind or body self may be put; for there is that contentment in that the self is a channel of blessings to someone, not as of self but through the manifesting of the love of the Creative Forces as expressed in Him - as thou learned in the Roman land, as thou knew from thine own personal activity in the Ohum [Aymaras] and Og land. These activities be they that make the life worth while; just being gentle even though others are harsh, just being true even though others are false, just being patient even though others about thee may rant and rave. For if thine inner self is motivated by the spirit of truth and life that GIVES manifestations of life in the earth, they are of Him. Art thou on the Lord's side? Then who CAN be against thee?


Then, in the one before that we find the entity was in that now known as the Atlantean land, during those periods when there were the first of those that journeyed from Atlantis through the first breaking up to the Incal land, or the sons of Ohum [Aymaras].

The entity then was among those in that particular portion of the experience that acted rather in the capacity of the priestess to the sons of Ohum, and to him who rose and fell the entity became rather the leader; strengthening during the sojourn of the entity in that experience those that later came to what is now known as Yucatan or the Central American land. There the entity journeyed back and forth with the sons of Zan(?) and made for the establishing of the material communications that brought strengthening to the many. And the entity gained in those experiences.


Before that we find the entity was in the land that NOW may be called the Peruvian, during those periods when there were the persecutions - not those known in the much later date as from the Spaniards, but rather from the breaking up from the meetings with those from the Mayan or Yucatan land. There we find the entity was in the capacity of a Priest, or the son of the ruler or the High Priest; yet never attaining quite to the period in that experience of being one wholly in authority.

Yet the entity was acquainted with much of the various groups' activities; not only as to the general welfare, where there were the universal storehouses from which all gained or had issued to them the needs of the bodily forces, but as to the mental and spiritual application as well.

For that was the type of government during that period, and the entities activities were to keep such a storehouse - when there were the intentions or activities of those within the own household as well as others to become rather as lords, and as those who were willing to put the fellow men under bondage. Much of the experiences of the entity during that sojourn, and those activities, may be a part of the experience in the present.

Then the entity was in the name Ipt-Ar-Ar.

Before that we find the entity was within that same Peruvian land, though not exactly in the same territory; rather in that from a part of the Atlantean as well as a part of what became later the On [? Og?] or the Incal land - and the activities of those from the actions of the children of the Law of One. There we find the entity was very, very well adapted in the activities for the meeting of the influences of a great variety of the groups. For the entity was rather the adept in the various tongues, by the activities of the various groups.

As those were a part of the entity's experience, we will find the abilities in languages - or in the various INFLECTIONS of what may become colloquialisms, or local conditions in various groups or peoples - may be of special interest to the entity in the present sojourn.

Then name then was Yak-Ary.


In the one before this, we find in the days when those peoples first came from that shore in now the Peruvian country, to settle the plains of now Southwestern portion of North America. [Peru: << Inca>> ? Yucatan?] The entity then among those who were the leaders in this journey for the freedom of the peoples.


In the one before this we find in the rule of the peoples in the Peruvian country (now known) when the << Incas>> were in the rule there. [See Source File Key #1005 for related papers presented at the 1964 Geological Society of America meeting in Miami Beach, re 1005-2] The entity then among those of the Temple Worship and the Priest, in the name of Kaat, and the entity then developed in that era when the forces were given to the peoples through the teachings of the entity of their relation to fellow man and the relation to Him whom people served in the Creator. In that we find the entity has the urge as pertaining to the mechanical forces in machinery, for the entity in that day prepared many of the pitfalls in the mountains, where the machineries were prepared for lifting and lowering the precious stones as were gathered under the entity's guidance. Also preparing the waterways for protection and for assistance in gathering such jewels.

In the one before this we find in that of now the Northern country of the America, when the first lands were being inhabited in that region. Then in the name of Ooul, and the entity then was the first of the household of the peoples who established dwellings there, and gained much knowledge for usage of others who dwelt in that land in the latter day.


In the one before this, we find in the Peruvian country, when the Ohlms [?] [Aymaras - See 4/29/77 GD's note in 4292-1 Reports re prehistoric Aymaran Indians of Peru.] were in the rule, and the entity then in that of Dolrhales, and the entity gave much to the degradations of the people who rebelled against to the rule, and this brought the condemnations to the individual, for this entity then sought to destroy that being built in the minds of the people towards service to the highest then as was given.

This was in the rule of the Ohms, [?] [Aymaras - See 4/29/77 GD's note in 4292-1 Reports re prehistoric Aymaran Indians of Peru.] where appeared many of the Association members, but only one in whom the entity is now closely related, that being Mr. [[ 2903 ] your present brother]. At that time he was next to the ruler, and gained much in serving the people. There was a geological disturbance at the time which destroyed many of the people, and after that the << Incas>> overran the land. In the rule of the << Incas>> appeared [ 1005 ], your son, [in the present] as a priest. It is not probable that these two were associated, and if so, it could not have been in an intimate or even friendly way.

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