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Were the Shang and the Inca Really Frisians/Magyars?

Cabeza's Potter's Marks

Oriental looking bust [Cabeza] recovered from Paco Isle on Lake Titicaca.
Used by courtesy of Dr Bernardo Biados & Dr Mario Aragon of La Paz, Bolivia.
[note the apparent Shang Dynasty potter's mark left of eye!]

Shang Dynasty Potter's Marks
[from Bailey's "Sailing to Paradise"]

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Were the Shang and the Inca Really Frisian/Magyar?

Alternative Archaeology Epigraphy - Inscriptions

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Large Stone Bowl Found in Tiwanaku Bolivia
[Referred to as Fuente Magna in text] Used by courtesy of
Dr Bernardo Biados & Dr Mario Aragon of La Paz, Bolivia.

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