Sparky's Leather Coats Price Explosion

These Are Outta Here Priced!
Retails $180-$240!

HURRY $34.95


Great for Gifts! Cool Italian Styling!

Truly The Rich Look And Feel Of Leather!
100% Soft Supple Patch Leather!
Sizes Run True - Well Made!
Sure To Thrill Anyone!
In Stock Now! Checks - Money Orders
$34.95 with $16 for US Shipping!
Many Happy Customers and Repeat Buyers!

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LARGE - 16-18

X LARGE - 20-22

XX LARGE - 22-24

Use PayPal - Secure Transaction
Coats are heavy. Incls. $16 s+h - non-refundable
PayPal Recipient Email:

XXX LARGE .. 26-28

$39.95 Incls. $17.55 s+h

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Exchange Sizes $8 s+h

Limited Quantities - Special Orders Require 2-4 weeks

Now Stocking Kid's Unisex Jackets

Only $17.95

Unisex Size 12

Unisex Size 10

Unisex Size 8 - 9

Unisex Size 6 - 7


Mens Leather Coats

Cool Scooters $40!

Mens Facial Hair Trimmer Set

8 hr Rechargeable Travel Razors

Laser Pointer Keychain - 5 Heads

Deluxe Haircutting Set

Mini Hearing Enhancers

Mini Black Lites

New Drake Shortwave Receivers!

Body Massagers

Ginsu Knives 10pc

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! Crossbow Extra Darts 4 for $2.95!

Limited Quantities - Special Orders Allow An Extra 2 Weeks

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