Cayce's Causes ~ Therapy for Cancer

AUM~Sparky's Mystical Stepping Stones
Psychic Readings of Edgar Cayce

Please Consult a Physician For All Serious Illness

It is hoped that this information is helpful to researchers, physicians, and patients in preventing, and treating these diseases. Attitude and Early Detection are Crucial!

Brief Summary : Cayce Found 19 Forms of Cancer. As the disease progresses a bacili, a germ, can be found in the blood. Blood Culture Reinjections are needed. Part of the rabbit contains a cancer medicine. Ulcers and bruises can turn into cancer. Carbonated drinks aid the development of cancer. Biotin is a helpful influence. Carbonated ash was suggested. Almonds are a preventative. Niccolite was suggested. Also use Cayce's wetcell or the impedance device, and consume salads.

[Sparky Sez : Avoid close proximity to powerlines and strong electrical fields. Plz read "The Great Powerline Coverup" It shows a connection between exposure to these fields and certain cancers, eg tumors and leukemia. Now that big tobacco is paying the piper, its time to expose these people who placed money before health and truth.]

If suggestion has such power, imagine that of will-power, love and prayer! There is no death, we are gods, teaches scripture. Fear not!

Cayce on 19 Cancers: Causes ~ Treatment

End of Cancer 1 ~ Click for Cancer 2

Cancer 2!

1877 1945
Edgar Cayce

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Cayce's Cancer Therapy 2

Sisters Share Stories of Breast Cancer

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