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Psychic Readings of Edgar Cayce

World Conclave ~ 10.5 Million Years Ago

The 44 Laws of Spiritual Development

Solve a Mystery of the Highest Order!

The 5748 series were on the 44 Elemental Laws of Spiritual Development as given 10.5 million years ago in Egypt, during the reign of the second Pharoah of the First Dynasty, by World Concensus. [Also see 294-19] Solve the Mystery!

READING 5748-1

1. GC: You will have before you the psychic work of Edgar Cayce, present in this room, especially that phase pertaining to Life Readings and former appearances of individuals in the earth's plane. In several readings there has been given information concerning the second ruler in Egypt who gave the first laws concerning man's relation to the Higher Forces. You will give me an outline of this teaching and how same was given to the people.

2. EC: Yes, we have the work here and that phase concerning the indwelling in the earth's plane of those who first gave laws concerning indwelling of Higher Forces in man. In giving such in an understandable manner to man of today, [it is] necessary that the conditions of the earth's surface and the position of man in the earth's plane be understood, for the change has come often since this period, era, age, of man's earthly indwelling, for then at that period, only the lands now known as the Sahara and the Nile region appeared on the now African shores; that in Tibet, Mongolia, Caucasia and Norway in Asia and Europe; that in the southern cordilleras and Peru in the southwestern hemisphere and the plane of now Utah, Arizona, Mexico of the north-western hemisphere, and the spheres were then in the latitudes much as are presented at the present time.

3. The man's indwelling [was] then in the Sahara and the upper Nile regions, the waters then entering the now Atlantic from the Nile region rather than flowing northward. The waters in the Tibet and Caucasian entering the North Sea, those in Mongolia entering the South Seas, those in the cordilleras entering the Pacific, those in the plateau entering the Northern Seas.

4. When the earth brought forth the seed in her season, and man came in the earth plane as the lord of that in that sphere, man appeared in five places then at once - the five senses, the five reasons, the five spheres, the five developments, the five nations.

5. In this now then as we receive, we find many peoples, or man became the union against the invasion from the now Tibetan and Caucasian forces. The separating of the peoples in their castes [was] only the beginning then of group understandings, and the first ruler of groups set self in that place in the upper Nile, now near what is known as the Valley of Tombs.

6. In the second rule there came peace and quietude to the peoples, through the manner of the ruler's power over the then known world forces. At that period, man exchanged with the forces in each sphere that necessary for the propagation of the peoples of the sphere then occupied.
In each of the spheres given was the rule set under some individual by this second ruler in now Egyptian country, and the period when the mind of that ruler brought to self, through the compliance with those Universal Laws ever existent, then that ruler set about to gather those wise men from the various groups to compile those as that ruler felt the necessary understanding to all peoples for the indwelling of the Divine Forces to become understood and to break away from the fear of the animal kingdom then overrunning the earth.

7. We are through for the present.


1. GC: You will now have before you the reading given on the psychic work of Edgar Cayce on the morning of 5/28/25, and you will continue with this reading regarding the information of the first laws concerning man's relations to the Higher Forces, giving this in an outline manner and how this was given to the people.

2. EC: Now, as we see, as given, how and what the classifications were of the physical in the earth's plane at that period, the numbers then of human souls in the earth plane being a hundred and thirty and three million (133,000,000) souls. The beginning then of the understanding of laws as applied from man's viewpoint being in this second rule in the country now Egypt. The rule covering the period of a hundred and ninety and nine (199) years, and the entity giving the chance to the peoples, for the study being in the twenty and eighth (28th) year, when [he] began to gather the peoples together for this and surrounding himself with those of that land and of the various lands wherein the human life dwelled at that period. The numbers of the people that came together for the purpose then numbering some forty and four (44).
3. The Courts as were made were in the tents and the caves of the dwellers of the then chosen priest from the Arabian or Tibetan country, who came as one among those to assist with the astrologer and the soothsayers of the desert of now the eastern and western worlds, and with this the conclave was held for many, many, moons. The period in the world's existence from the present time being ten and one-half million (10,500,000) years, and the changes that have come in the earth's plane many have risen in the lands. Many lands have disappeared, many have appeared and disappeared again and again during these periods, gradually changing as the condition became to the relative position of the earth with the other spheres through which man passes in this solar system.

4. The first laws, then, partook of that of the study of self, the division of mind, the division of the solar systems, the division of man in the various spheres of existence through the earth plane and through the earth's solar system. The BOOK OF THE DEAD, then, being the first of those that were written as the inscribed conditions necessary for the development in earth or in spirit planes. These, as we see, covered many various phases. About these were set many different ones to give the interpretation of same to the peoples in the various spheres that the individuals dwelled in that came together. Hence the difference in the manner of approaching the same sacrificial conditions in the various spheres, yet all using the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, as the emblems of the conditions necessary for the knowledge of those elements as enter in; same as the fish representing the water from which all were drawn out, as we would see from the various changes.

5. The beginnings then of this in a systematic manner beginning with this second rule, in this manner, in this land.

6. We are through for the present.


1. GC: You will have before you the reading given on the psychic work of Edgar Cayce, present in this room, on the afternoon of 5/28/25, and you will continue with this reading regarding the information of the first laws concerning man's relation to Higher Forces, giving this in an outline manner and how this was given to the people.

2. EC: Yes, we have the information as given and the conditions as surrounded the giving of the first laws as regarding the indwelling of Higher Forces in the earth's plane, and man attempting to make application of same.

3. Now as we see, we have the general outline of those conditions of man in the earth plane at the period or age, as is judged from man's viewpoint, of this gathering as caused by the second ruler of the peoples that dwelled in that portion of the earth's plane, now known as Egypt. There is to be considered, now, also those conditions under which man, as man, lived during that period in the various spheres in which man dwelt. In that land we find the peoples comparatively free from the invasion of the beasts of the field, save those as were being used for man's development and for the use of man as servant or as man's beast of burden. While we find in the now Tibetan country, then the land of the many waters, the indwelling of those of many beasts whom man had to defend self against. Again in the Mongoloid region many others of the species and nature that were destructive to man's indwelling in many ways. Also those in Caucasia, or the lighter or whiter peoples. Also in the land of the plains in the Northern spheres in the Western portion of the earth's plane, many beasts and many conditions, and man then [was] in the way of having a different understanding, for different conditions were to be met, as were also in the Southern portion. 4. Then, as these were gathered from the five nations, we find the subjects of those pertaining to manifestations of the development of man and man's ability to cope with the conditions, and the forces wherein men were given their supremacy over the other conditions in the earth's plane. And the first as was given by the ruler was, then, [that] the force that gives man, in his weak state, as it were, the ability to subdue and overcome the great beasts that inhabit the plane of man's existence must come from a higher source. Hence the first law of self-preservation in the physical plane attributed to Divine or Higher Forces. Just as the elements adding to the betterment of man's condition in the earth plane, we have then the rudiments of that as was taught. Hence began, as given, the study of the indwelling of that other than man's physical prowess, yet there were many men of giant stature to meet the conditions as seen, yet the approach of that same force to some was reached through the power, heat, significance of Sun's force, of Moon's wane, of waters bringing forth all manners of organisms necessary for developments in the plane.

5. Then, we have the gathering together then of this group, from the farthest places - forty and four (44). As we see, [this number] will run through many numbers, for, as we find, there is the law pertaining to each and every element significant to man's existence considered and given in one manner or form by the groups as gathered at this meeting.

6. We are through for the present.


1. GC: You will have before you the reading given on the psychic work of Edgar Cayce, present in this room, on the morning of 6/1/25, and you will continue with this reading regarding the information of the first laws concerning man's relation to the Higher Forces, giving this in an outline manner and how this was given to the people.

2. EC: Yes, we have these here and the conditions surrounding same. As these were gathered in their tents and caves, each were given the portion of the fact as related to each group's conception regarding man's supremacy over the animal world, and how same was reached. As these were given, we find that each gave that conception in the way that was in relation to man's surroundings in the earth plane, so in this manner were the first laws as relating to the indwelling of the Higher Forces given to man. With the absence of the communications as is given, this was written on tables of stone and slate, with the characters of same. In the first of the pyramids built in the Valley of the Shadow, there still may be found unto this day portions of data as was preserved with the ruler, who afterward was worshiped as the representative of God made manifest in earth. These will be found in the northwest corner or chamber of this mound.

3. As to the peoples as gathered there, we find there are many in the plane today, many that have become associated one with the other, and there comes then the urge for the return of man's more perfect understanding of the divine laws as have been made manifest through the various ages of evolution of man in the plane from that day, and the indwelling forces will be of assistance in gathering such together.

4. (Q) Have you finished with this reading.
(A) We have given that as asked. We are through with these - for the present.


1. GC: You will please give at this time detailed information regarding the origin, purpose and prophecies of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh near Cairo, Egypt. Please answer the questions asked.

2. EC: Yes. In the information as respecting the pyramids, their purpose in the experience of the peoples, in the period when there was the rebuilding of the priest during the return in the land, some 10,500 before the coming of the Christ into the land, there was first that attempt to restore and to add to that which had been begun on what is called the Sphinx, and the treasure or storehouse facing same, between this and the Nile, in which those records were kept by Arart and Araaraart in the period.

3. Then, with Hermes and Ra (those that assumed or took up the work of Araaraart) there began the building of that now called Gizeh, with which those prophecies that had been in the Temple of Records and the Temple Beautiful were builded, in the building of this that was to be the hall of the initiates of that sometimes referred to as the White Brotherhood.

4. This, then, receives all the records from the beginnings of that given by the priest, Arart, Araaraart and Ra, to that period when there is to be the change in the earth's position and the return of the Great Initiate to that and other lands for the folding up of those prophecies that are depicted there. All changes that came in the religious thought in the world are shown there, in the variations in which the passage through same is reached, from the base to the top - or to the open tomb AND the top. These are signified by both the layer and the color in what direction the turn is made.

5. This, then, is the purpose for the record and the meaning to be interpreted by those that have come and do come as the teachers of the various periods, in the experience of this present position, of the activity of the spheres, of the earth.

6. In the period that is to come, this ends - as to that point which is between what is termed in chronological time in present - between 1950 and '58, but there have been portions that have been removed by those that desecrated many of those other records in the same land. This was rejected by that Pharaoh who hindered in the peoples leaving the land.

7. (Q) Are the deductions and conclusions arrived at by D. Davidson and H. Aldersmith in their book on The Great Pyramid correct?
(A) Many of these that have been taken as deductions are correct. Many are far overdrawn. Only an initiate may understand.

8. (Q) What corrections for the period of the 20th century?
(A) Only those that there will be an upheaval in '36.

9. (Q) Do you mean there will be an upheaval in '36 as recorded in the pyramid?
(A) As recorded in the pyramid, though this is set for a correction, which, as has been given, is between '32 AND '38 - the correction would be, for this - as seen - is '36 - for it is in many - these run from specific days; for, as has been seen, there are periods when even the hour, day, year, place, country, nation, town, and individuals are pointed out. That's how correct are many of those prophecies as made.

Oft may there be changes that bring periods, as seen in that period when there was an alteration in that initiate in the land of Zu and Ra that BROUGHT a change, but at a different point because of being driven by those that were set as the guides or guards of same.

In this same pyramid did the Great Initiate, the Master, take those last of the Brotherhood degrees with John, the forerunner of Him, at that place. As is indicated in that period where entrance is shown to be in that land that was set apart, as that promised to that peculiar peoples, as were rejected - as is shown in that portion when there is the turning back from the raising up of Xerxes as the deliverer from an unknown tongue or land, and again is there seen that this occurs in the entrance of the Messiah in this period - 1998.

  • -2873-1 concerning life forces themselves; that certain elements are a part of the physical manifestation of the spiritual and mental forces, from a chemical reaction, - silver and gold.

  • - (A) Fire, earth, air, water. These are the NATURAL elements in the physical plane, and - as the forces of these have the influence - as the SPIRIT of the air. Hence, as the entity often feels as it MUST be in the open, MUST be much water about in many ways, cold and heat affect suddenly, as does the earth bring its recompense, or its demands. The SPIRIT of each! See? (288-27) Female 26 9/25/1931

  • -1620-1 Page 3 17. And what is the first law? Know, O Israel - know, O Self - know, O Seeker of light - that all power and force of good and construction, and of constructive forces, emanates only from the ONE SOURCE! This is only saying the same in those words as convey the meaning, to what? That consciousness of the arousing to the something within, as to the motivative forces that may impel or be acted upon within the self.
  • 3744-1 The law of attraction is positive and remains with one.
  • 3744-1 (A) All can already do it. As to the degree of the development, only the law of concentration through subjugation, as we have the law here, as this we illustrate conditions: Water occupies a certain place without changing of form. It always occupies that same place, though it is pliable. Air may be compressed without changing form, only needing the opportunities of the expression of its flexibility. One is no more flexible than the other, though air can occupy with water, same as we have with individuals in this sphere. With the subjugation of one of the elements or of the Trinity of the individual, those characters, those powers, those forces, those laws of the other portion of body are brought out into play and only need the opportunity of their self-expression.
  • 3744-1 The highest attributes of the material body being what is called on this plane, the senses and the body is given the vehicle or mode of expressing the fundamentals or findings of its senses or psychic or soul force is expressed to the mental or physical plane through one of these senses, or made manifested thereby. The destructive forces may be made to govern or control any or all these senses in the physical. With the subjugation of one in the material we find some one or all of the others become highly attuned or more sensitive, the same as in the developing of those inclined by the forces, either of the laws being followed by attraction upon by material ability or forces as applied by the universal force in the attraction of other bodies or spheres governing the plane and under the force in which the body takes on sphere, its scope of living. In this manner the developing of the psychic or soul forces through one of the senses so governed may be developed to good or evil, as is classified in this sphere. Evil is only evil to him, who thinks it evil or to what sense it has become applied. All is good as used to the developing of any force under which its law applies.
  • 3744-1 (Q) Just what is meant by force and forces?
    (A) Depending upon the conditions under which incentive or that, which is being acted upon and that which is acting. As we have in the body of a living physical being, we have a body made up of many atoms, and their relation to each other depends upon the force as is given in each part to work upon or in or through the system. In the nerve system we find that of the force of physical matter or subconscious or soul matter, of superconscious or spirit matter, all receiving a force, as illustrated, we would have it here: When any object or injury comes to a portion of the body, then the nerves transmit that to the physical or conscious brain to be removed; the forces of all of the elementals or that is, of the parts of the body are brought into play; that which carries, that which replenishes, that which comes, that is force or forces, as may be. Or as we would have in the one word to express all force: That which is the spirit of any object, whether animate or inanimate, physical or material, that of the divine, which carries all force. We only have to take into consideration, but the relativity of the condition, position, time, place as to which or what element of force is implied in giving the elements of force from the subconscious force to the conscious force. In this also we may see how the correct reflection may appear bended.
  • 3744-1 (Q) What is meant by negative questions giving deflection? (A) With positive and negative, or as elements are as unchangeable laws, as we have given, as the creator or the first cause is all positive that which is made negative.
    (Q) What determines whether a body be positive or negative?
    (A) Just as we have given, is it of a creative force, or it the creative force? Is it the force producing or, is it that produced? Just as we have in sex force known on this plane: Man, the producer, woman, that produced. One positive, the other negative. That is the law.
  • 3744-2 The understanding of all laws, for that is the law, the understanding of the law pertaining to any given condition. Then we would give any condition that may be met through such knowledge without the advantage taken of another individual, through its lack of such law or knowledge should be used. The use of psychic force by any individual, is only the using of that spiritual law that makes one free, but not freedom to take advantage, no more than that the Gods [See 3744-5, Par. 40-A re gods] take advantage of the knowledge of man's weaknesses to use them as means of destructive forces.
    Through man, all law to the physical plane or material plane is made manifest, but the manifestation is of the compliance as made with the law. The knowledge of such gained through psychic force cannot be abused without receiving the same condition under which this puts such a condition upon the individual.

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